Getting Airfare-Smart To Save Money

Flying somewhere in this economy can put quite the stress on the wallet. This is why most people are now turning to more cost-effective ways of traveling by flight. Prices change all the time, sometimes in a matter of seconds. There are people out there who’ll attest to how they settled on a superb ticket cost only to see it go up a couple minutes later.

Airfare Offers

When the government was in control—before airlines found themselves deregulated in 1978—airfares were pretty normally priced. Airlines these days have a singular method of functioning: they keep the prices low so they get the seats filled up but they price it or change it according to how much they can profit from the whole thing.

Check out these means to saving money on airfare…

Check for Discounts

With the World Wide Web offering you a plethora of options for anything you search, how can you miss out on air travel fares. Don’t just opt for the first option your search engine provides you. Hunt for better options, compare fares and then take a call. Watch the screen carefully while making the booking as few websites do send in discount pop-ups at the time of booking. Those codes can get you discounts from as less as 5% up to 30%. Some websites also offer discounts when you book hotels with them. Keep a close eye on such offers too. This way you will save money not only on your flight but also on the hotel bookings.

Know How The Enemy Works

best priceSadly, that’s how airlines these days seem to people, what with their unreasonably swollen fares. More often than not you may be traveling with a group, perhaps family or friends or both. What airlines do, whether you approach the desk in person or go online, is they display the highest fare available for the lot of you.

However, where a single traveler is concerned, they can’t get away with that because you’ll see a list on the computer screen that shows you cheaper fares for a single person. You probably know where this is going. You select one traveler, catch the lowest fare and apply that to your group. You’ll save hundreds this way.


This next point can get a bit obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people skimp on it. Be flexible on your flight plans. There’s a strong chance you may be facing alternative departure times. What do you do? Stick to the same old plan or shift to a new one? A little flexibility can save you a lot of money and time. Hint: Weekday flights are cheaper than weekend ones. Also booking your tickets in advance can save you a lot of moolah too and flights with layovers are cheaper than non-stop ones, which brings us to the last point.

Wielding Controversy

This next trick is in no way illegal but gets airlines all worked up. Direct flights may be quick but they’re expensive. If you can convince yourself its okay to add a few more hours to your travel time, you’ll end up saving tons in airfare.

The ‘hub system’ all airlines depend on, list cheap fares to and from their base cities. So, get a multi-stop ticket that has a layover at the city you’re actually heading to. For example, if you choose a multi-stop ticket ending in City-A with about five stops in between, including City-c (which is your actual destination), you can imagine how much you save and no one can say you’re wrong.

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  2. Nice Information …. Yesterday i was watching CNBC awaaz and find out that there are around 9 types of charges levied by Aviation Companies on consumers. So it becomes necessary to go for discount and special schemes.


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