Fruit Force – Part 2 – Pomme Power – The Health Benefits of Pomegranates


For You To Know…

With a single pomegranate getting you 16% of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake you can understand just how amazing the health benefits are with this fruit. It has special advantages for the bodies of both men and women, making it a great routine-diet inclusion when you’ve begun exercising to get fit.

Just remember that pomme milk-shakes are useless in getting you this level of Vit-C, because you’ll need to warm the milk first sometime, right? And those conditions are ideal for pasteurization, a process that’s been known to get rid of Vit-C and sometimes even lower its value to nothing useful. So, yes to juices and/or the actual fruit and no to milk-shake versions of it.

Let’s dive deep into what pommes can really do for you and what they contain to deliver on those promises.

Bene-Fruits (Benefit + Fruits) of Pomegranates

Bene-Fruit 1: Cholesterol is one of the major factors pomegranates come almost ready made to annihilate. The compound going by the name of ‘Tannis’ is what does the trick. Not only does it lower bad LDL cholesterol (by flushing fat out of your digestive tract) it even reduces oxidative stress levels taking up space in your arteries. This route, whether you like it or not, leads to a healthy heart.

Bene-Fruit 2: Fiber is the next big name in this game. ‘Arils’, as the rounded red fleshy parts covering the pomme seeds are termed, pack 5g of fiber per half cup, and that’s when you eat the seed too. You can eat them directly or after having sprinkled them on other regular dietary foods from cereals, low-fat yogurt and so on.

Bene-Fruit 3: Just like the 16% Vit-C daily-quota pommes get you, this awesome fruit also throws in 10% of your everyday potassium quota in just 8 ounces of pomme-juice. What does potassium do? It helps regulate blood pressure and imparts ideal energy production in your body. As mentioned above, in the intro paragraph, do NOT heat the juice in any fashion once you’ve put it through the blender, or the pomme’s nutrient value gets drastically lowered.


Bene-Fruit 4: Free Radicals are the bad guys in a lot of physical factors and pommes kick those things with an extra hard military grade boot. A UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) study has even confirmed pomegranate’s being able to not just remove free radicals before they set up shop but to also keep prostate cancer at bay, making this cool fruit an anti-carcinogen.

Bene-Fruit 5: Cleansing your body of the sources of viral infections, namely non-beneficial bacteria, pomegranates end up boosting your immune system like few other fruits and veggies can. As such, it helps wash your entire system while keeping sickness away.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Get pomegranates into your diet in a regular basis. Yes, they may not be as easy to cut and serve as apples or oranges but they sure do pack a health-punch that your body will thank you for many years down the line.

This amazing fruit the size of a softball, also going by the names ‘Granada’ and ‘Chinese Apple’, has changed the way people are looking at dieting. It’s not great hat you’re dieting, it’s HOW you’re dieting that’s either great or lousy.

Start by consuming all the right stuff, like what pomegranates bring to the table, and you’ll be doing something that benefits your whole body in almost magical ways.

Image Credit: Dan Machold, Aparna Balasubranium.


  1. I love Pomegranates and am so happy to learn of all the power-packed awesomeness the fruit brings to my diet. Good post, thanks!

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