Fruit Force – Part 1 – Oh, For The Love Of Oranges

Fruits are an everyday necessity. They bring a lot of good to your life by way of health but only if you take them regularly. If you happen to bite into one someday and then feel like you adopted superpowers you’re in for a disappointing deflation the next day.

This is the first of a bunch of similar posts I’ve got planned. You can find it by looking for the words ‘Fruit Force’ anytime you’re lost on Lifestylerr. The five points covered in each of these posts are basically geared at helping you understand what a certain fruit can do for you (because we all need reminding of that sometime in our lives).


Another reason why I’m writing this is to impress on you how can easily you can buy this or that fruit from your nearest fruit-seller with no undue hassle or time-waste for you, so you can sooner get healthy than face a better future, something those potato chips (or whatever else you’re addicted to) isn’t going to assure.

You must have heard it said, too much of anything is bad. So don’t go spiking your blood sugar levels by eating over and above the required amount of oranges. These are citrus fruits, after all, and are great when you take, say, one or two a day, nothing more and preferably in the mornings at breakfast time.

In case you’re still sitting there trying to visualize what an Orange looks like, well, it’s round and it’s orange so use those clues and you’re good to go. Smile with tongue out

Bene-Fruits of Oranges

Bene-Fruit 1: Vitamin C is the core force in Oranges. A mere 2 glasses of orange juice increases your Vit-C amounts by a solid 50% for the day, which is awesome for energy boosts and other cellular functions. Since this vitamin is also an antioxidant it makes Oranges a dual-wielder of two very powerful human must-haves.

Bene-Fruit 2: Your Immune System literally feels the essence of power Oranges bring. Be sure that when you juice it up in a blender you include those white papery fibers as well, because those add their own sweet magic to the mix. The human immune system loves what Oranges do for it, so keep it happy and there’s no end to the life-advantages.


Bene-Fruit 3: Weight and Aging are both kept in check by Oranges. It’s not exactly proven how this fruit helps with weight loss but the fact that natural sugars can save you calories works on Oranges’ behalf, which bring exactly that to the table (though veggie juices are way better options in this regard). Remember the antioxidants mentioned above? They also help keep cells young and since every human being is a bunch of cells (!) you can imagine how Oranges help with maintaining your youth by destroying free radicals, which are the big-muscle backers of wrinkles and skin degradation.

Bene-Fruit 4: Less heart attacks, no blood pressure spikes, and cancer’s potential cure are other amazing Orange-benefits. Healthier blood vessels and blood pressure means you have good diastolic blood pressure, which is what you need to help you move ahead on your road to health. By consequently improving blood circulation you can easily imagine the awesome touch Oranges bring to your heart’s health. Being rich in antioxidants Oranges fight the root behaviors of cancer whose chemicals and free-radicals are destroyed well before they can team up and turn into tumors.

Bene-Fruit 5: Kicking Bad Cholesterol and annihilating Inflammation are more skills to add to Orange’s already impressive resume. It’s not really recorded how Oranges lower bad cholesterol levels in a person’s body but observations show enough positivity to backtrack and report a probability like this. As for inflammation it’s mostly caused by fat and high glucose levels due to a high-carb-high-fat diet. These soon lead to diabetes, atherosclerosis and a ton of other issues. Oranges fight the root causes of these and, in cases where people still adopt a bad diet, a glass of Orange juice helps alleviate illness-related issues.


What’s The Bottom Line?

Stop eating crappy food! All you need do is instead of picking up that very desirable potato chips packet under the tempting excuse that’s it’s potato based and a veggie so therefore it’s good, head to the fresh produce section and buy yourself some Oranges instead.

In a world fast becoming pressured for resources your health will be the one factor that could determine survival rate in days to come. Pardon my ‘zombie apocalypse’ take on things, but that’s the hard truth all of us (including me) are running away from.

Remember This: Food is good if it’s good food you’re taking and Fruits are one of the top-cats of that world.

Here’s Your Conclusion: Try eating 2 Oranges everyday in the morning an hour or so after you wake up or go for 2 glasses of Orange juice instead.

Image Credits: Free Digital Photos.

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