From Normal To Wild — My Hair Straightening Story

When Sunsilk announced it’s contest on Indiblogger, I was so eager to submit an entry. This is the first time I am sending my entry for any contest. Since they wanted the weirdest and whackiest of story which I could call my hair story, here it is”

Long straight hair“I used to be someone who felt my hair was not that important. I mean, I’m working at an up and coming business bureau so that kind of adds to my point. Tie up a bun and I’m all set. Blessed with good genes, I didn’t have occasion to face hair fall of the magnitude most women do. This nurtured my laziness in not taking care of it.

But then one day, as with most women, there came a man. But he was so detached throughout the dinner-date. It made me wonder what was wrong with me that he didn’t care enough to look at me, but found it more preferable to stare at his plate. I was well dressed, check. I had on makeup—I went to the restroom to see if I looked like a clown—and I was fine. That ‘s when I saw my hair. I mean, saw it for the first time, so to speak.

I returned home and my mind was full of things other than the date gone wrong. I now stood before my mirror in my bath and let loose my locks. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw my waist length hair. They look good and, um, well-preserved!

As though God was trying to injure my feelings even further that night, I caught a re-run of the Oprah Winfrey Show on TV and found her hosting a fashion segment. A famous hairstylist was among the ones being interviewed and he said something that completely changed my life. “Your hair is your best accessory”.

Those words made me shift my affections and attentions to my hair which, I was starting to observe, was mildly wavy but mostly straight. I liked that, but I began to love straight hair all the more. I perused Google to learn that it’s not the hairstyle that’s important, but how it looks in relation to your face shape.

Mine needed straight hair and therein lies the start of my wild adventure to getting those curvy tips to obey my whim. They refused to straighten out. I mean, I tried sundry products and flat irons that ended up making my hair feel brittle—a few strands actually cut in half.

So, I chose the wacky wild side and decided to try an experimental idea that came unexpectedly to me. At this time, my sister had come over to stay for a while. She’s a writer, so while she sought peace and quiet at my place I had other plans.

I got her to help me use literature to straighten my locks. I love reading, so I have this huge library at home. I helped her carry stacks of books to my room. After that, I lay down flat and let her perform the task of placing said stacks on my hair to help flatten out the strands.

Don’t laugh, it was a pretty good idea. Starting a few inches off my scalp, one stack took up residence against the floor and so on till my hair lengths were covered with heavy book stacks. While I took 40 minutes to read a novel, after which I screamed for my sister to take the books off my hair, I came out of it in need of a good comb. Well, I did get rid of those curly tips and I did get markedly straighter hair, so I have no complaints.”


  1. wow great post! all the best for the contest :)

  2. Wondering whether to try it at home or not ;-)

  3. This one was interesting for sure.. :)

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