Foods You Should Never Ever Eat


Health today is a very essential part of people’s lives. The more modern we become the more mess we tend to create because there’s all these byproducts, chemical wastes, nuclear residue, plastic undesirables and more that make up what we term ‘pollution’. One of the first things you gotta be health-conscious about is what you put into your mouth by way of food. Check out these never-eat-‘em’s and hope to follow them for your own personal well being.

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Popcorn, Microwaved

popcornUCLA has done a study on the bags popcorns come in and, no matter how much the adverts endorse trustworthiness, Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) has been found to exist in the plastic bag-lining that you so casually take and place inside your microwave before you watch a movie or something.

The study reveals chances of infertility in men and women and, among animals, all sorts of cancers have come up. The microwave heat causes the chemical in question to vaporize and head on into the popcorn after which they have this annoying tendency to stay inside you for years on end before acting up. A lot like what cancer does, isn’t it?

Yeah, there are EPA laws against such things, promised to come into global effect by 2015, but that’s still about three years away. Whatchya gonna do till then? Pop your own corn, that’s what. It’s natural, ridiculously cheap and more satiating.

Milk, With Artificial Hormones

milkLast we heard, cows give milk. What we didn’t hear lately is that milk-companies have their cows on something called bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST) to enhance milk production. That’s modern and understandable, right? I mean, it’s what I would do, if I were in the business.

What they won’t reveal in their public reports is how that hormone is sometimes known to cause pus-formation in the milk and then there are udder infections to consider too. If these don’t quarantine the poor cow, chances are high levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor hormone) take up residence in the milk which we then consume and that could result in prostate, breast or colon cancers.

The Government that nodded their head for this move said they hoped the human digestive tract would break IGF-1 down and cause no havoc. What those guys didn’t know was that a natural chemical, Casein, in milk performs some nice protective acts of its own, lessening the chances of contracting cancer through such milk. A simple label-check where it says ‘rBGH-free’ or ‘rBST-free’ is good, as are ‘produced without artificial hormones’ and the classic ‘ organic milk’.

Beef, Corn-Fed

beefThere’s something funny when a cow is made to eat grains instead of grass, the latter being the stuff they naturally evolved to chew and swallow. Corn and soybeans seem to be on their menus these days, put there by the farmers raising them so those cows will, in turn, get on our menus faster and fatter.

Here’s the math: lots of cash for cattle farmers, discount prices at the department store and bargain-worthy low nutrition value for beef-lovers. What’s nice about grass-fed bovines? They have ideal high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), beta carotene, omega-3’s, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Omega-6s (the inflammatory kind) are low and so are saturated fats linked to heart disease.

Opt for Nature’s ‘farming’ methods, and look for Whole Foods, something you’ll find at farmers’ markets and specialty grocers. A simple ‘ask your butcher’ will help too.

Apples, The Conventional Ones

apples"Mirror mirror, on the wall, which fruit is the most pesticide-treated one of them all?" "Apples," will be the answer. These amazing fruits are individually grafted, meaning the bunch of them that grow on a single tree have a flavor unique to them, with differing flavors for apples from different trees.

Such diversity makes it hard for them to develop one-for-all natural anti-pest chemicals, allowing humans the chance to fill that role with spray after spray.

They say these sprays aren’t bad, some others say the most doused apples aren’t sent out for sale, but neither of them will tell you how high cancer rates are among farm workers themselves, the people who do the spraying or are nearest to its affects.

The simplest advice is to go for organic apples. It’ll be expensive, I agree, but can you really put a price on your life? An apple a day…

Tomatoes, The Canned Ones

canned tomatoesThose tin cans have resin linings, period. Those resin linings have a synthetic estrogen thingy called bisphenol-A (BPA), another period. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and reproductive issues are known to source from it, yet another period.

The natural acidity of tomatoes doesn’t seem to help matters, because it forces the flow of BPA into your food. Chances are you may intake high levels of them without knowing it. Such high bisphenol-A levels mean chromosomal damage, reduced sperm production and so on.

Young people are easily affected by this, even as little as 50 mcg of BPA per liter of a tomato can—which is almost certain to enter if you got your tomatoes from a can—can work all sorts of havoc.

Glass bottles don’t require such resin linings and tomatoes sold in them are great. Tetra Pak boxes sell tomatoes in safe wrappings, so you can opt for that.


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