Foods That Help You Smell Awesome

There are so many easy to nibble, quick to eat foods that are certain to be your best friends this summer. Smelling good is a serious issue when the heat is this bad, making you sweat too often and stink worse with each passing hour. Unless you have a portable shower-as-you-walk contraption, it’s best you stick to stuff you can eat.

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Strawberries: This amazing anti-oxidant is great for your skin. Once you see improvements in that field, your good-smelling days will follow. Unlike commonly held beliefs, strawberries are sour not sweet, so don’t be disappointed if all your ‘romantic’ notions aren’t confirmed with a bite.

Parsley: This herb veritably neutralizes body odor. In fact, it keeps it from starting at all. It has some nice natural aromatic oils that, when added to your diet, will certainly work miracles on your odor-levels.

Apple Juice: Stocked with vitamins, this one cleans your whole system, removing toxins, like the ones that lead to body odor. In this case, an apple juice a day keeps the bad smells away.

Mint or Jasmine Tea: In addition to going easy on your digestion, mint leaves a nice fresh smell in your mouth. But it’s that first factor that’s most important, because when your body starts t better process what you eat it automatically starts to smell better too. Jasmine tea has the same, similar or better effect, so try that and see if it works for you.

Rosemary: This aromatic herb, like most of its cousins in the genre, is excellent at annihilating body odor. It introduces camphor into your body, which is known to rid your system of unpleasant smells.

Yoghurt: Yes, this is the only dairy product on this list. Containing beneficial microorganisms, this dietary addition sure will help your stomach digest food and combat toxins more efficiently and, as such, helps you bid adieu to odor.

Thyme: Yet another herb that helps you smell better. This will be easy to consume because it suits many dishes and therefore won’t be too much of a bother to ingest.

Milk: Knowing how Indian cuisine has a fair amount of garlic going into it, you can ease up the negative odors garlic produces (both in your mouth and through your sweat) by adding milk to your menu. Whether you pick up low-fat or whole fat milk, they both have the potential to improve the way you smell.

fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek Seeds: In addition to being excellent bone-strengtheners, soaking these overnight in clean water and munching on them in the morning will dramatically enhance the way you smell throughout the day. Yes, this morning bite takes some effort out of you the previous day and, yes, they at first taste slightly bitter, but as you keep chewing the flavor gets sweeter and there’s no telling what it can do to your personal sense of smell.

Oranges: From its fresh flavor-burst to its cool touch and not to mention its power to boost your energy levels, oranges are essentially citrus fruits. One thing about this fruit-genre is that they’re readily absorbed by your body. Meaning you give off a pleasant scent, say, after an hour from consuming a couple oranges.

Here’s to a summer that smells like spring!

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