Flying With Manners

People are rude and they don’t hesitate to let you know that about themselves. You may not always be able to change such Neanderthals but you can learn to avoid them or not be them. Here are five pointers to help you out.


The Swinger

This is the man or woman who thinks just because their human eyes face forward, anything behind them doesn’t exist. They assert this belief when they suddenly recline their seat unbeknownst to the fact that they almost gave the person behind them a traumatic memory. On a milder note, imagine yourself opening a nice warm meal to dig into when The Swinger suddenly pays you and your sauce a visit. That’s one way to lose the appetite.

The Loudspeaker

yelling 2In case you’re thinking this is in reference to the public address system the Captain uses to share something with his passengers on the flight, it’s not. It focuses on the person sitting somewhere in range—worse if they’re next to you—and make the simple act of talking on the phone sound like Hitler addressing the masses. They cackle like Hyenas on a feeding frenzy, say ‘What? Where? Who?’ as though they’re learning a new language, and try to overpower the person on the other end of the line while creating some fine unadulterated noise pollution. Have you heard the silence in an aircraft cabin? If you haven’t, you’re probably someone who knows what this point is all about.

The Restless One

Whichever seat you’ve occupied in the seat-chain, the person who keeps moving as though his seat alone is experiencing a mini gravity tilt is an annoying experience. It shakes the rest of the seats connected to his and makes for a very awkward moment. Do you tell them what they’re doing? Ask them what’s wrong? Wait, it’s unfair of me to ask you to answer those questions when you’re probably too busy thinking about ways to strangle them in their sleep. Unfortunately, they’ll keep moving so you can’t get a good grip.

The Chatterbox

The gods forbid you end up with someone who treats you like a familiar face and starts talking, not for five minutes, not to indulge in small talk, but to drag you into a whirlpool of one-sided conversation, detailing the entire history of their life, trials, tribulations and likes, including their favorite things. This is one whirlpool you’d wish drowned you soon and got it over with.

The Immatures


That name can well be applied to a whole sect of people-types who act like they’re still in pre-school. You’ll know them as the ones who squabble for overhead cargo space like they’ll never find one. Then there are those who have the potential to make armrest battling an official sporting event. They’re rude to the airhostesses and stare at you when you do something normal because it’s something they dislike. Worse, if you’re someone who looks hot, they’ll even try covertly taking a photo of you with their camera phone. Basically, they behave like Neanderthals who forgot to meet the extinction deadline.

You must have heard it said you can’t fly without wings. But there’s a sister-saying that declares flying with manners is a priceless thing. Don’t ask the perpetrators of the crimes detailed above but the victims of said crimes. Little manners can go a long way. After all, flying is a symbol of sublime freedom. To put chains like those on a symbol like this is reason enough to change your habits or avoid the ones cursed with them.

Image Credit: Free Digital Photos.

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