Facing The Monsoons – Arm Your Home This Rainy Season


It’s an obvious thought and more than a logical idea. The rains take it out on not just a home’s exterior but its insides as well. That’s something weather has an annoying tendency to accomplish. Here’s how you can prepare your home for the monsoon season.


1. Where The Water Exits: The first place to check will be your drains, or they’re going to bring a lot of trouble when the rains come along. Clogging, leakage and cracks need to be remedied, especially where balconies and terraces are concerned.

Speaking of, get a sturdy tarpaulin sheet to keep rain out of your home if you have one of those skylights that let light in directly from above. You can weigh it down on all sides with bricks so it won’t fly off.

2. Safeguarding Four Standing Sentinels: Walls need your special attention. Water-sealant is a great way to keep your exterior walls from rain-damage. If you can afford it, go for one of those weather-proof paints major companies are selling.

Before re-painting the indoors, get water-resistant substances on your interior walls, like wall-care putty. Not only does it keep your paint-to-come free from chipping it sees to it that all the cracks, pores and gaps are sealed on your wall’s inside face. A good mason will know how to address these issues, so take their word for it.

3. For People & Breezes: Doors and windows must be seen to as well. Having them painted with water-proof and rust-resistant substances is a step in the right direction. Keep good locks on your windows for when the monsoon winds play rough.

Like it’s been on some weird food binge, wooden doors tend to swell up during the rainy season, and that’s if the door isn’t standing properly in its sockets. A carpenter will know in a matter of seconds what needs alteration and he may even sandpaper sections that have expanded individually.


4. The Crackle Connection: Wiring is a key element to focus on, especially where they’re damaged. The last thing you want is a huge electrical issue on your hands during the rains. Charge an electrician—no pun intended—to check if there are any power overloads present at any electrical points in your home. Dampness in walls is a common thing this season, so prevent short circuiting moments by NOT using multi-plug bars to run 2-3 power-consuming gadgets simultaneously.

5. Whatchyoo Have In There?: Wooden furniture has it the worst. Just a simple dampening and they go all diva on you, so try storing them in safe location where water won’t get on their nerves. Leather sofas are perfect for mold to grow if they aren’t clean and, worse, if dampness sits around on them too long. That goes for all the things in your home, especially books, food and everyday objects most prone to damp.

Roll up those carpets, sheathe theme in plastic or lots of cling film and store ‘em away. This weather fools with them a lot. Moisture-resistant acrylic carpets or bamboo mats are cool to use, not to forget foot rugs to keep all sorts of cleaning issues from entering past the threshold.

Curtains and drapes, the thick and heavy kind, are terrible company to keep hanging around. Instead opt for the translucent and lacy varieties. They keep the temperatures normal, ushering in the sun’s warmth and keeping it there for a while. After summer, the last thing on everybody’s mind is the ‘sun’s warmth’, but we’ll certainly miss it during the monsoons.

Colorful Living room

6. Those Green Thingies: Indoor plants will have to go out this season. For those of you who don’t know why, plants transpire or ‘sweat’ in their own chlorophyllic ways, adding to the dampness inside your home, and we all know how a plant-cousin called mold loves those settings and is sure to ring up the family. Opt for artificial plants if you feel your home is too bare to look at.

7. Great For The Senses: Colors are a superb way to manipulate small zones in your home and make them feel cool, inviting and livable. There’s a ridiculously simple logic to this… The warmth of yellow, orange and red, the avoidance of grey, deep-green and other dark colors, and the alteration of beige, pastel and white to help with keeping your living space clean. That’s all you need to know.

Prep for the monsoon season and you’ll flow right through it with calm and ease, which is more than can be said for this tempestuous genre of weather.

Image Credit: Bryn Pinzgauer, It’s Great To Be Home.


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