Evviva sky Lounge – The Dazzling Star is Back


EVVIVA is back to embrace the city’s party-goers with open arms and it was an honor to be at this occasion which fell on the same day as my blogoversary.

Me and Umesh ,loved Evviva Sky Lounge the very first time we visited it on my birthday. Let me just say you can’t find a better rooftop lounge in all of Pune.. The rooftop lounge was closed for about two months during the monsoon season, and has now transformed into something truly beautiful with a white conical roof blanket going above the entire space and adding a rather contemporary touch to an already elegant interior.. And boy, does it look splendid.

Their highlight – the circular bar was laced with Zodiac-themed cocktails prepared by the ace bartenders and an array of classic and signature drinks flowed through the evening. Complementing the perfect set-up was the beats spun by DJ Pranav who burnt it up from track to track taking the crowd on a musical journey. He was accompanied by the immensely talented percussionist Anish who gave a stunning live performance on multiple percussions-based instruments

Image 2.

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It was an evening worth remembering, cherishing and reliving.

With lots of exciting event formats in the pipeline, EVVIVA Sky Lounge promises to be an un-missable spot on the city’s night-life map.

Here’s wishing Evviva Sky Lounge ALL THE BEST!


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  2. Nice post Bhakti!:)

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