Everyday Things Used In Extraordinary Ways – Just A Touch Of Salt


Surpassing most everyday items in usefulness and practical efficiency, salt has tons of uses in almost every genre you can think of.


In The Kitchen:

1. Eggs: How do you know bad eggs from good? 2 tbs. of salt in a bowl of water will help. Where the fresh egg sinks, the baddie will float. Egg whites set faster when you plan on poaching your eggs adding salt to the water. Besides, eggs boiled in such water peel easier.

2. Crispy: Salads and potatoes are crispier to taste. When spinach and lettuce are stored in a salt water bath in your fridge, all you need do is rinse and serve, they don’t turn floppy. A several-hour salt water soak of potatoes gets rid of some starch content and makes them crispy when fried.

3. Cleaning: Just a touch of salt can clean even the greasiest pan, and the same applies to stained cups and mugs. A solution of salt + cinnamon sprinkled on stoves or inside ovens and brushed away (after a while left as is) gets rid of accrued grime and smells. Salt + soda water is a great combo for your fridge because it’s safe on the enamel. Tarnished silverware, copper pans, lipstick marks on glass, onion odor from hands, smells from the sink drain can all turn ultra-clean using salt.

4. Flavor: Enhancing the flavor of coffee and cocoa is easy, just add a smidgen of salt and out goes the bitterness. Rubbing poultry inside and out with salt before roasting makes for a delicious meal. This applies to bitter gourd too which when rubbed with salt and kept for half an hour doesn’t taste bitter.


In The Rest Of The House:

1. Brooms: Fraying is sufficient proof that your brooms are worn out. Before first use, soak the broom in hot saltwater and leave out to dry. It lasts longer afterward.

2. Wicker: Furniture of this sort yellows sooner than preferable. Brushing it down with a stiff-combed brush dipped in warm saltwater and leaving the furniture to dry naturally makes it look good as new.

3. Clothes Stains: As soon as you experience a sauce or coffee spill on yourself, immediately rub the moist area with some salt, so when you wash your attire back at home the stain has a chance at coming off completely (depends on the type of stain and its strength, though).

4. Table Rings: These and tough drop-stains made from similar causes can be cleaned up by soaking that specific area in salad oil (a thin paste of it) and salt.

5. Sud Reduction: If your washing machine or bucket over-produces soapy foam, sprinkling salt will reduce the volume without you having to get your hands in there.

6. Fish Tanks: Rubbing salt on the insides of fish tanks, letting soak and then brushing before rinsing sees to it that all harmful substances are gone and the glass clearer. Use non-iodized salt in this case or your fish may not be too compatible with their freshly washed tank.

7. Mildew & Rust: A simple blend of lemon juice + salt act like two arms of steel against mildew and rust deposits. Moisten the required area, bleach them out in direct sunlight, rinse and dry, and you’re good to go.


In Beauty & Personal Care:

1. Toothbrushes: Similar to brooms (!) your toothbrush sees longer use-time when soaked in hot saltwater before first use. You get cleaner, whiter teeth if your paste comes with salt in it or you could try adding one part salt + 1 part baking soda, dip your toothbrush in that mix and scrub away for white teeth and fresher breath.

2. Sore Throats: Most of us know this one, how gargling with warm salt water can do wonders to alleviate sore throats and rid infection. The same applies to swishing warm saltwater around your mouth when you have gum-boils.

3. Puffiness: Tired eyes are puffy and they look terrible. Take ½ tbs. of salt, some water, dip a piece of cloth in it and rest it on your eyes.

4. Tiredness: Whether it’s your hands, feet or whole body, soaking them in warm salted water does wonders indeed.

5. Dry Skin: Much like a loofah, rubbing with dry salt can get rid of dead skin cells and make your skin feel fresher and glow-worthy.

6. Dandruff: Before wetting your hair and applying shampoo, sprinkle some salt on your head and rub your scalp. The flakes are loosened more thoroughly and when you shampoo afterward, there’s a chance of removing maximum dandruff.

7. Stings: Whether its mosquitoes, bees or the occasional wasp (!), cover the stung area with saltwater as soon as possible and you’re sure to feel relief.


In Other Ways:

1. Goldfish: Mix 1 quart water + 1tbs. salt in a small container, say, a mug. Put your goldfish in it for 15 minutes tops and return it to its original tank. The swim makes them healthier.

2. No-Drip Candles: A few hours’ soak of fresh candles in a strong salt solution makes sure they don’t drip when burning.

3. Flowers: A vase of fresh-cut blooms lasts longer in water that’s mildly salted. Speaking of flowers, rose petals + salt kept together in a tight container (like Tupperware) releases a superb rosy scent when opened after 15 minutes.

4. Smells: Odorous shoes and socks can do with a little salt-sprinkling to absorb the moisture and make the smell go away. They do something similar for dead bodies, for crying out loud. Or you can keep it simple and wash your shoes and socks once in a while.

5. Ants & Fleas: Sprinkle salt anywhere ants enter your living space and watch as they never come back that way again. As for fleas, say, from your pets, wash their blankets or doghouses with salt to keep such parasites at bay. Sprinkle some on your carpets if you feel they could be hiding some fleas from your pet’s last indoor visit.

6. Rust: Whether its vehicle bumpers, metal objects or bike handles, rust removal is easy with a rag dampened with salt solution.

7. Wall Repair: Chips, dings, nail-holes, cracks and so on are no longer a huge issue. All you need is 2 tbs. of salt + 2 tbs. of cornstarch, added to approx. 5 tbs. of water and use the paste you get to fill up those holes.

Image Credit: Sharon, Amy, Dubravko Soric, Free Digital Photos.

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