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Agreed, women have plenty of options when it comes to fashion and beauty. Does that mean men have to don caveman-clothes and smell like stale cheese? If you’re still thinking on the answer, here’s a hint… No! Grooming for guys is as important as style these days. It’s what makes all the difference between looking great or grave.

What you’re gonna learn below is how to look your best doing the simplest of things. And, yeah, you need to spend a small wad of cash to help make this happen.

What To Pull Into – Fashion Tips for Men

Well, that’s the universal question, isn’t it? Have you ever had occasion to stand before your wardrobe and stare at it? Like a good combo is gonna leap out and present itself. If you don’t have the right clothes, guess what, the right clothes aren’t going to step forward and scream, ‘wear me!’

This is when you need to do a little shopping. Ever since the online shopping craze diversified into fashion, you can choose and order the clothes you love sitting at home without walking up or down levels of stairs, asking tens of customer support execs where’s this or what’s that.

Go Shopping

The single most important thing a guy can wear and look good in, no matter what, is a jacket, with or without the hood. This isn’t a ‘Western’ concept anymore. The whole world is in on this fashion addition, and though it may seem like nobody else on the street is wearing one, a jacket introduces that singular touch of cool, calm and confident you won’t easily find in other pieces of clothing.

The good news is it’s affordable, depending on your designer preferences. When shopping for jackets, choose a color that goes with your skin tone. Wait, what the whoo-haa, you ask? It’s like this, your skin color isn’t always a choice and you can’t change it like you can your clothes. Duh! Use it to your advantage.

Whether you’re as pale as a vampire or give darkness a reason to change names or any one of the skin-colors (skin tones) in between, find a jacket color to match. Darker skins can use a dash of bright, while paler skins can do with deep or somber hues. Brown or blue for fair skin and red or white for dark skin are examples to use in this game of mix-and-match.

Now, whether you don collared shirts or tees, whether its jeans or a formal black stretch, boots or dress shoes, you’re sure to balance them all out with the right jacket. You’ll look and feel more masculine because jackets add to your ‘body volume’. Also, they move along with the wind or breeze, hinting at repressed vigor. And they impart an aura of mystery or fun, depending on how you carry yourself.

Groom It Good – Beauty Tips for Men

Products! Remember that word, because you’re going to have to spend a little somethin’ here to get your hand on some products. Grooming isn’t a two-minute thing. What is a two-minute thing is to enter the restroom, wash your face and walk out while attempting to comb your hair. You don’t have to stay in the restroom as long as women are known to do, but you do need to spend at least fifteen minutes to transform into the man you want to look like. So, don’t blame the mirror for telling the truth.

Hair StyleIf you live in a city where humidity isn’t an issue, anti-frizz products aren’t for you. But if you are one of those people who have access to fun beaches but hate what the humidity does to your hair, get yourself anti-frizz hair lotions from trusted brands. What do these do? Well, the good ones have your hair staying sensually smooth for 12 hours or more. All you need do is take a warm shower, dry your hair and perform a quick application of anti-frizz from mid-hair to tips (keep the lotion off your roots).

Another product you must have in order to apply the beauty tips for men to your daily regime—and this is for guys who call chapped or dry lips their enemy—is shine-less lip balm. Be careful, though. Some lip balms look like they’re for guys, but leave a distinct color on your lips. You do not want that kind!

Your lips occupy a prominent place on your face, after the nose. Each time you speak, eat, think, or whatever, they’re in focus whether you like it or not. Cracking, bleeding, chapping and the consequent dark patches they tag along need to get outta there, and lip balms make that happen. Vitamin C is the secret to closing the door on dry lips, but not every guy knows to eat the right amounts every day or week. Lip balms to the rescue! Be sure to use them every two hours or so, because over-application kinda makes certain lip-types look odd.

Handsome ManAs absurdly simple as this is gonna sound, pay attention. Your hair is your best accessory. This in mind, get yourself a superb haircut. Not a good one, not a nice one, but a superb one. Stylists in high-end salons come trained to know what suits your face, so depend on their wisdom and skill. You certainly need to spend a few bucks if you want to look like a million dollars.

Another simple-as-hell idea is to use facial hair to your advantage. Most men look great with a clean shave, and the tyrannical rules of office-life demand the same.  But, when the time is right and you know you won’t get fired for looking great (!) invest in the skills of stylists and see what design suits your face. Grow or cut accordingly and you’re in business.

Now that we’ve covered beauty tips for men with and without products, let’s move on to the last topic of the day.

Expression – Grooming Tips for Men

At some point in your life, every man has seen a guy who looks great but carries himself like a doofus. Think about it, these guys look so good but why on earth do they walk, stand, sit or whatever like they don’t give a damn? And this isn’t in the good sense of the word.

To learn a lesson from men who literally don’t care about how good they look, here are two things you need to shift your attentions to. They are the best chapters when it comes to grooming tips for men.

Smile and Be Confident

Smile  – The mirror is your new best friend for this attempt. You must learn to practice your smile. If you’ve begun defending yourself, saying, “I don’t have to go about controlling a genuine expression like a smile”, chances are you already have a perfect smile or one that’s downright scary.

To the serious group reading this, your teeth don’t do the smiling. It’s your lips that stretch open and make it happen, so learning to look at the patterns in a mirror (don’t forget to lock the door)! You now get an actual look at how another individual sees you when you smile. Mould your smile until you land on something you know is good.

Granted, this will take time to master, but the fruits of all that labor and secrecy will be worth it.

Walk - A lot about a man can be learned by watching him walk. Whether it’s a fluid Governor-Glide or a casual Sexy-Swagger, you need to practice it if you are to get it right. Not all men are lucky enough to walk exuding confidence and charm. The ones who need to learn also need to practice.

Like observing your smile, you need to walk towards the full-length and observe your walk.

Now that that’s out of the way, remember this word: Carriage. It refers to how you carry yourself. What the doo-dah is that? Well, it has to do with slumping, creeping, crawling, scraping or whatever else you can think of that turns your walk into an expression best left ignored.

You may not feel your best on the inside, but that doesn’t mean you should reveal it to the world. Perception is reality. How people see you is what they’ll believe about you. You need positive energy coming your way, not pity. So, practice a walk that holds your body up at the abdomen. You must feel a slight but comfy upward stretch around your abs-area.

As for arms, don’t buff them up like a thug in a bad movie. Don’t waddle like a duck and don’t mimic an ape. You’ll understand how all this is possible once you start practicing your walk and observing it.

Well, there you have it, gentlemen. Ideas to help you look, feel and move like a man worthy of being called handsome. Look them over if you need to, follow them like you mean to, and be them like you’re supposed to.

Image Credits: epSos.de, New World Fashion Trend, The Wedding Traveller, Free Digital Photos


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