Easy tips to Relax Your Feet

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Why Should I Rest My Feet?

Resting your tired feet can remove stress from your whole body. So when you’re surfing online seeking ways to relax your feet you’re doing the right thing, because stress clutters in large numbers in a person’s feet. Almost all the nerves in your body (and that’s no small thing, mind you) taper out at your feet regions. They group there like some college reunion and they have connections to the rest of your system.

Massaging your feet is one of the best certified ways to calm your whole body down. Funny thing is you can even take off as little as 5-10 minutes to do it or you can even go at it for a solid hour. Both ways there will be marked stress reduction through foot massage and you did it all by yourself.

C’mon, you’re on your feet almost throughout the day. There’s bound to be stress centered around your ankles, calves, soles and toes. It gets worse if you’re wearing tight footwear for some reason or other. Then there are heels most women have to stand in all day long, if flat footwear isn’t part of their ensemble.

What amazing satisfaction to have your feet pampered at the end of a tough day. And all you need to know are a few tricks and techniques and you can carry out a do it yourself foot massage, sure to eliminate your physical stress levels leading to peace of mind.

3 Steps For Foot Relaxation At Home

In order to enhance your relaxation routine, there’s nothing wrong with dimming the lights, playing soft music and getting in the state of mind needed to kick stress’s butt. They may seem like irrelevant things at first but your main aim, remember, is to de-stress and to that end those small things matter most.

Step 1: Start by soaking your feet in warm water. Throw in some sea salts (you can shop for them in stores or online under the ‘bath products’ category). Soak for about 10 minutes. If you want something more special, include lemon juice or aroma oils. They help clean and warm your feet. After your 10 minutes are done dry your feet using a clean towel.

Step 2: Lay or sit back on your bed or chair. You’re going to start relaxing in earnest now. Place one of your feet on a foot rest. Massage one foot at a time while keeping the other foot wrapped in a warm towel so it remains supple until you get to it.

Step 3: It’s time now to apply massage cream or herbal oil. Apart from the specific massage creams out there, oils include almond, sesame, olive, sunflower, coconut etc., each of which can be used to impart a soothing effect. Rub the oil or lotion over your entire foot, covering even the ankle area.

It’s only after you’re done applying the cream or oil can you begin with actual foot massage techniques.

6 Home Foot Massage Techniques

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Technique 1 – Thumbwalking: This is when you slide your thumb in a circling alternating motion. You press down firmly (but not too hard) on your soles and you massage away using that movement mentioned earlier. It’s a good idea to apply firm pressure at your heels but keep medium pressure near the toe areas because the skin at your heels is generally harder compared to other areas of your foot. This technique helps massage your tendons, especially the ones at the edges of your foot.

Technique 2 – Kneading: This one will require the use of your fist. Make a fist and press it against the bottom of your foot and move it along the arch. You roll your fist up towards your toes and then back down towards your heel. Maintain medium pressure throughout. Resist the urge to punch, it makes your muscles go rigid from the impact and will probably cause cramps.

Technique 3 – Stroking: This is one of the best massage techniques out there, not to mention one of the simplest. You can even start your foot massage de-stress routine using this one. Use both your hands to stroke your feet, one hand being at the toe area while the other is at the heel. Then switch places by stroking all the way across, and repeat. Take into consideration both the soles as well as the top of your foot. Don’t forget to give your ankles some attention too.

Technique 4 – Ankle Ache-Removal: Connecting your calves to your feet are your ankles and plenty of people find their stress heads to this region to roost. This technique will need you to hold your heel with one hand while your other hand holds the top of your foot. Rotate your foot using the hand holding the toes and front area. You’ll probably have seen athletes do this on the field. Go in one direction a few times and then rotate in the other direction. Five to eight times per rotation should do the trick.

Technique 5 – Calming Your Calves: Lie back or sit in any position that you’re most comfortable in and that doesn’t put any undue pressure on your legs. Next, get your hands to your calves and start massaging, covering both the shins (front area of your legs beneath the knee) but give maximum attention to your calves (back area of your legs beneath the inner knee).

Technique 6 – Toe Twirling: Use gentle pinches to massage each of your toes on either foot. When you’ve finished massaging a toe start twirling or rotating that toe using your thumb and index finger. Do not pull up or press down, just keep it casual.

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Tips For Foot Relaxation At Work

If you’re at your workplace you’ll find you don’t have the time or common sense (!) to do the same things you could do at home, like the foot massage steps mentioned earlier. The last thing you want is to attract unwanted attention from your colleagues or boss.

However, your feet are probably killing you there in that corporate jungle. So, here’s one trick you can use and all you need is to be seated and while your typing away at your computer or doing some other desk work.

Foot massage in the workplace: Take a tennis ball, place it under one sole and roll your foot along it. It’s sorta like a game where you can roll the tennis ball along your inner arch, all the way to your heel and then back again, all the way to your toes. Or you can make your foot go in circular motions to get those edges massaged. Or any other movement-pattern you can think of.

Just don’t press down too hard or try picking the ball up off the floor using nothing but your foot. Those decisions, although playful, add massive stress to your feet muscles and the whole point of the tennis ball de-stress trick is pointless.

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3 Points On How To Prevent Foot Aches In Future

Here are some points for you to remember so you can prevent foot aches from happening to you. After all, you know what they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Point 1 – Get Ideal Footwear: Wear firm-fitting shoes. If you slip into loose footwear your heel will wobble in its resting place, making you stress out even during the briefest of walks from one spot to another. This adds to your foot woes. Needless to mention the stress tight footwear will bring. See that your shoes have firm sole arches and that your heels don’t wobble or slide about when you walk and that your toes aren’t being pressed in from either side.

Point 2 – Never Over-Walk: You may assume that walking 5,000 steps a day, or whatever other measurement you have in mind, is good for you. It is, but not always. When your feet are killing you it’s best you give them a break. Hey, they are carrying you all day, aren’t they? So try one of the massage de-stress techniques detailed above and take it easy before you get back to your walking frenzy.

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Point 3 – Never Over-Exercise: Okay, your mind has probably thought ‘if I can’t walk 5,000steps a day then let me at least compensate for that through my foot massage exercises’. That’s a terrible idea. You never over-exercise even where regular exercise routines are concerned. Too much of anything is bad for you. The same goes for massage techniques where you primary goal is to remove stress and introduce calm to your feet muscles. So, go easy on your two most important body-support parts or learn how to walk on your hands. :P

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