Dressing up for a summer day party – part 1


Shorts are my favorite attire-choices this summer season. I admit I was a bit apprehensive to slip into a pair myself—and was anxious to do so for a long time—until I discovered how comfy and fun they turned out to be, not to forget SEXY! I sure did, and still do, feel great in them.

Here’s a quick combo-idea: Shorts coupled with a vest, tee or a funky top can give you that uber cool look in no time. Besides, you don’t have to sit worrying about color co-ordination. Just grab a couple good colors, mix that up with any top you like and voila, you’ve created an attire for yourself that’s nothing ‘short’ of magic—pun intended.

So here are my ideas to turn your look into one of fun, glamor, sex appeal and independence, and to show off this singular yet casual look at summer parties. Part 1 here focuses on shorts and tops and ideas along those lines. Part 2 will take you through dresses for day parties. I’ve another segment in the pipeline which will reveal you to some cool dress choices for night parties. So, have fun and get started looking hot this summer!

summer outfit 9


Another twist to the same shorts

summer outfit 2


Don the denims

summer outfit 6



summer outfit 7

The dressy look

summer outfit 8

summer outfit 5

For those who don’t feel confident enough in shorts, here are a few ideas:


Summer outfit 1

summer outfit 3


summer outfit 4

Since these outfit ideas have tempted me enough, I am off for my shopping spree. Wanna join in?



  1. Divya Khanna says:

    awesome… I like the first three tops… nice nice….

  2. Have bagged similar red shorts from myntra . Amazing looks . Perfect for spring !!!

  3. Perfect clothes for summer . Girls look attractive too. Very enticing collection showed. Thanks for sharing .

    Travel India

  4. Samar Khan says:

    Brilliant post! I truly liked it!


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