Dress With Class, Dress For Style, Dress To Be Remembered

If you’re visualizing a picture of austere Amishness where your hems touch the floor and your necklines cover your neck while digging into the underside of your chin, you’ve got it all wrong. What we’re gonna talk about here is magic, actual style-magic, which you will certainly need to feel deep down in order to summon it on your person for all to see. A prominent part of such class and panache is fashion without which there’s little you can do to pull off the impossible.

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It’s another misunderstood notion that men don’t know femininity when they see it. In fact, men work on an instinctual attraction to women who are sensually beautiful without appearing slutty. It’s this sort of inner instinct that you can use to your advantage, like when a man sees you all dolled up and goes wow, waiting for his breath to return. Although the ‘slutty’ look does appeal to a guy’s wild side, a classy look makes him feel rich and powerful. In this regard, men benefit in plentiful ways when their girl has learned the art of enchantment using grace for a wand.

Femininity is different from girlishness, meaning you need to exude a refined mature air and not one where you come across as a child. This means you shop keeping quality in mind. Always know this fact: women are made to be different from men, it’s where all their power resides. Pants are awesome, no doubt about it, but wear more of the feminine.

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Such advice is readily bolstered with actual couture that is sure to help you get started. There’s full skirted, sheath, tunic, fitted or loose bodice and straight skirted (all dresses). In skirts you have gored, pencil and straight. Throw in an assortment of colors, textures, designs, shapes and accessories and you have yourself a veritable galaxy of beauty to choose from.

Dressing at Work

Seeing as how modernity has women working in offices and holding positions of power, it can be hard for people to take you seriously outside a crisp business suit. This fact is often skewed by women who believe they need to ‘butch’ it up so as to look commanding. If you’re one such woman, you probably haven’t heard of business suits that make you look and feel feminine while actually increasing your status in whatever position you hold.

Power shopping

shoppingAll you need to do is take your time to shop for such pieces. This is essential, because this step—the shopping part—is where you get to choose your clothes and it can’t be stressed enough how careful you need to be so you don’t end up wasting your time and money on clothes that make you look less than your best when there’s a strong chance there are other clothes in that very store that are ideal for you.

Modesty has a powerful influence on how classy you look. Being a true lady is no easy task, and that includes spending a little extra than what you’re usually used to. Being modest doesn’t mean you need to get all covered up like a religious fanatic, it’s knowing how much to show of what.

What to Show and What Not

ClassTake cleavage, for example. Just the right drop in neckline without revealing more than what’s needed, works its own form of magic. Where skirts are concerned, always keep them just covering the knee or a few inches lower. If those hems go above your knee cap or cut them half way, it’ll make the overall image of you look ‘off’. This is because of the picture people’s eyes receive of you, wherein your legs and calves add flow and grace to your body or make you look average—hence that skirt length-advice given earlier.

Style to suit your personality. Don’t incorporate the ‘look’ of someone else you saw on TV or in the movies unless you’re absolutely certain you look amazing in it. When you shop, you must learn to listen to what your inner self says about what’s being displayed on the full-length mirror. If you can’t convince yourself you’re giving off glamour, beauty and inimitable charm, chances are you won’t convince anyone else of the same.

Since we’re nearing the conclusion of this topic, it’s probably a good idea to suggest you re-read this article and immerse yourself deeper into the meaning. See how and where it fits your situation and what you need to do or change in order to work your magic. Being a man has its own set of powers, but they aren’t the same as what a woman can wield.

Stay open-minded, streamline your fashion choices and, most importantly of all, you must feel the power in you if you wish the world to feel it too. Edith Head couldn’t have been more right.

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