DIY Project–Homemade BlackHead Removal tricks

Blackhead removal

Blackheads look so irritating on the face. Ummm..I agree pimples look worse but imagine a clear face and a nose full of blackheads – EWWW! Did you know blackheads belong to the pimples category? The only difference being that they do not have a layer of skin over them. Now you may get rid of pimples permanently after a few months but once blackheads appear, it takes ages to get rid of them completely.

A monthly facial treatment or beauty regimen doesn’t work on them as they visit you back within a week or ten days. Now you obviously cannot rush to the salon every week or keep using those blackhead removal strips that remove these tiny monsters temporarily. So here I am with yet another DIY project for your notorious blackheads. These are surefire tips with ingredients, as always, from your pantry.

Blackhead Removal Trick 1:

There is so much you could do with lime juice and sugar besides making lemonade from it. So mix together juice of a lime and a spoon of sugar and rub on the blackhead affected areas. Rub gently in circular motion for 5 minutes and rinse off. Repeat this thrice a week to get rid of blackheads permanently.

Blackhead Removal Trick 2:

Now this one may sound a little odd and not very much like a beauty tip, but glue (fevicol) can be applied in a thin layer on blackheads. Leave it until it dries completely. Now peel the glue layer off and watch blackheads stick to it. Fun, isn’t it?

Blackhead Removal Trick 3:

A mix of lemon juice, honey and baking soda can be applied daily to get rid of blackheads permanently. Use a spoon of each and use it as an exfoliator of blackheads. Rubbing in circular motion for 5 minutes should suffice.

Blackhead Removal Trick 4:

Mashed tomatoes or grated potatoes work great on blackheads too. So apply either of them and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, Rinse thereafter.

Blackhead Removal Trick 5:

If you don’t mind the smell of raw eggs, then this trick will work wonders. Its like your own easy-peesy peel-off mask. Slightly beat one egg-white. Apply it on your face with a brush. Now use soft tissue paper (kitchen or toilet roll) and cut it in the perfect shape so as you have holes for eyes, mouth and your nose. Now place this tissue on the egg-white layer. Apply another coat and leave it, till it dries completely. Remove it from chin in an upward direction and check the yucky blackheads transferred on the tissue.

Blackhead Removal Trick 6:

One extreme remedy when you have a crazy amount of blackheads is to use toothbrush on them. You obviously need to get a clean, new and super soft toothbrush for this. Apply a tiny dollop of tooth paste (non-gel) on the brush and rub very gently in circular motion on the affected areas. Rinse your face with luke warm water and enjoy flawless skin.

As always, let me know if you like them or in case you have other home remedies for removing blackheads through your comments.

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