Desk Décor – Decoration Ideas For Men’s Desks


Men’s desks are highly practical furniture elements. They have this simple and to the point quality to them whether they’re at an office or a home. Desks can indeed be decorated and still emit a masculine appeal. In fact by personalizing or customizing your work or leisure desk, you set yourself up for added relaxation and inspiration. There’s nothing like a good looking workplace to go to and feel the pleasure of working than be bogged down with the boring cliché so many office spaces have these days.

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Idea – 1

Desk décor begins, of course, with the desk itself. The design you choose should be something you’ll feel great sitting at—literally and not just in your imagination. When you go shopping for a good desk sit behind it, see how it feels and try out more than ten such pieces. Compare how you felt for each and see, in your mind’s eye, whether you’ll have a similar feeling a few years down the line. This saves you a lot of time, disappointment and money.

Idea – 2

The chair is your next big decision. The wheeled variety isn’t for everyone, so don’t fall for the modern ones for the sake of modernity. Some men—and it isn’t a shame to feel this way—love to get the wheeled ones because when they roll sitting down on such chairs it transports them to fun times, at least for a brief duration before office work drags them back.

Sit and sense… Use this approach, the same as the one you did for the desks, only this time see how your back and neck lay back against the chair. Pretend you’re typing or reaching out (do it like you would naturally) and use your instincts to learn if this or that chair design is going to be a literal pain in the back or neck.

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Idea – 3

Accessories are the best means to decorate your desk with. There are obviously an uncountable variety out there for you to select from that it won’ be remiss to assume this stage will take the most part of your shopping time.

It’s perfectly alright to go for items that personally inspire you, from quotes to paintings or portraits that make you feel at peace just looking at them, not to mention the range of sports-related show-pieces that are sure to bring out the ‘successful and victorious’ spirit from inside any man.

Valuable Side-Note

However, there’s yet another important thing for you to figure out with accessories. Do those show and décor pieces suit my office/desk/chair? Beauty is in the simple flow that comes when a pair of eyes spots a ‘balance’. Besides, such elegance and color compatibility will help you display a rather professional appeal to your colleagues and clients.

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From Simple…

Some common desk décor ideas include: Newton’s Cradle (rather calming, this one), personalized nameplates (great for a sense of power and purpose), designer bookends (nice to look at any time of day), creative paperweights (cuts the boredom on a busy day), leather writing pads (for that instant professional feel) and card holders (easy, efficient and elegant). There are several more where these commonplace items came from so if anything pops to your mind add it in your comments for this post.

…To Complex

You can even go complex, from desk fans and standing lights to faux-plants, Zen sandboxes and décor pieces that are basically puzzles or curios to look at or play with in order to calm down before beginning an important project.

Conclusion Note

This post is intended to give you an idea of what to look out for. By opening your mind to these thoughts, you can shop smarter, save cash wherever required and get yourself a collection of awesome desk décor that will bring inspiration out of you or years on end, whether you’re working at an office or pursuing creative/artistic impulses.

Image Credit: twentysomethingtestdummies, rubinary.

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