Decal-Décor Made Doable


Before you look up the meaning, here it is: A design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface. You’re probably thinking it’s hard, will take too much time and has a huge risk of going wrong. Well, the reality is actually quite different, meaning you can use decals to make any space look good, small, medium or big.


It’s one of those sure-fire ways to spruce up your interior and add glam, beauty and allure, depending on the type of design chosen and the template you’ve decided to put it on. Here’s the scoop on how you can go about decal-decorating at your leisure and create magic on your walls, tabletops, everyday household items and more, all because you got a designer-print that needs but a simple peel and stick.



Ideas in this box include stuff that go on the surface. Yes, you can have decals going on the side of your table, but the best place to catch sight of them is on the table’s top. Go for grand designs that have symmetry, from entwined vines to abstract curves. If your chosen decal is of a color that complements the table’s, even better. You can also summon that vintage touch and put up a decal that brings something out of the past like a label or company stamp that used to be in effect many decades ago. Such ideas impart charm, richness and emotion to what was once an ordinary table.


Aside from using one big decal and repeating the pattern on your monochrome wallpaper, you can also use nice chic designs that are more modern and less clichéd. From medallions and natural patterns to abstract swirls and more mysterious designs, you can color code your decals, settle on a pattern of repetition and get started. Being peel-and-stick in nature, these decals will be easy to apply and far less messy than you may have expected.


Household Items

These include anything from glass vases and jars to glass-fronted cabinets and even doors. When working with fully-transparent glass you can create myriad enchantments around your home using decals alone. From a line of jars that have decals reading the contents to small glass-fronted cupboards that have quotes, inspirations or once-famous adverts on them, you can play with this particular field. Your kitchen especially will transform into something charming, what with jars that read ‘sugar’, ‘spice’ and so on and cabinets that have a nice decal declaring they’re for storage and such, you can imagine the possibilities.


Don’t go assuming decals are mere 2D peel-n-stick décor elements that have no depth where art is concerned. Small homes will look superb with a nice coat hanger decal that looks so real, stretching on the wall space with two or three actual hooks occupying appropriate places, allowing you the chance to create illusions that are truly fun, inspiring and marvelous. In this fashion, towel holders, door frames and more can be used to create a sense of architectural and décor ‘presence’ of things that aren’t really there but take the form of decals whose beauty and potential for glam won’t ever go out of fashion.


Image Credit: NightRStar, INKFUSION_ONLINE, Vinyl Design.


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