décor tips for a teen’s bedroom–part 2


It can be quite hard to decorate a girl’s room, what with all the attention to detail they demand and the color coordination they so love to dabble in. There should be a certain practical element to the space, along with zones where the teen can work or study, not to forget shelves, cabinets, a wardrobe, carpets and other inclusions, especially a large mirror.

Keep in mind that teenage girls these days are competing with boys on a lot of things and are pretty great at it too, so don’t forget to see is she likes to play the latest video games, adores technology, enjoys sports and other modern-girl stuff. There are many girls who love to read so be sure to consider that in your room décor choices.

1. The Princess: This is the classic option for a lot of teen girls who adore the play of pinks and transparent curtains made up in a very princessy style. A lot of delicacy needs to be focused upon and a heightened sense of femininity. These and some pretty room accessories that bring out the girly-girl in your teen will make for an awesome princess style décor idea.

princess room

2. The Bohemian: From bright patterns and colors, especially flower patterns, this room is sure to be dazzling while also sometimes touching upon that overly garish side of things. An artistic teen will love this room and the chances it affords for color coordination.

Boho Theme

3. The Ultra-Modern: This room can look very mature sometimes but the teen-allure lies in the accessories you include, from sheets, drapes, lamps and so on. With opportunities to play with bright as well as somber colors and shapes that have those chic modern edge-designs, this room is sure to thrill the mature teenager.

Ultra modern room

4. The Fashionista: Using famous designer brand names and a mannequin or two to showcase a major label on, open shoe shelves and other couture touches makes this room décor idea as elegant as it is superb. There’s so much to do where styling, designing, color coding and glamorizing are concerned, making it great for the fashion-passionate teen and her seasonal style shifts.

Fashionista Bedroom

5. The Dual Chrome: With a majority of colors chosen being a single pair, be it black and white or red and black etc., this versatile room décor idea is great for a teen whose personality is strong. In addition to having a lot of modern appeal and not to mention maturity sense, this room is sure to meet with sudden accessory changes and not look odd afterward.

Chrome Bedroom

Image Credit: Fancyhomedesign, zimbio, roomzar, shitadesign.


  1. That’s all a Beauty..I liked the 1st one and the Last one…

  2. wish i had the princess or fashionista room when i was a teen :(

    • Hey, I was just thinking about what I can write for a new post and you just gave me inspiration for it! :o Keep your eyes pealed for something similar to your wish. :) Thanks a ton! :D


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