Décor tips For a Teen’s bedroom–part 1


Décor for a teenager’s room can be a very subjective affair. They want what they want and refuse to conform to anything they feel they aren’t in-sync with. Sometimes, you may have to give in to their quirks and specific preferences but that doesn’t mean the basic theme of the room should be ignored. Check out some of the following room décor ideas for boys in the first part of this post.

teen boy rooms

Dudes are practical and simple, starting from their teen years. They display their passions, hobbies and favorite things to do as also their future dreams right in the décor of their rooms. This can include posters on walls, other merchandise, not to forget technology, action figures, and more besides. All of these rooms need to consider the presence of: a laptop or PC, and gaming consoles like PS2/3, X Box, Nintendo etc.

1. The Poster Freak: A room that complements a teenage boy’s love for posters will go a long way to keeping both him and his folks happy. A décor idea, especially wallpapering/paint, and furniture choices will help greatly in this regard. With color coding that renders the posters in a clear light and the smart use of white you can’t go wrong with this room décor idea.

Poster decor

2. The Musician: The dude with his head in his music is busy imagining, creating and composing. A room that looks the part will do wonders to inspire him. From space for musical instruments to speaker and player-unit space, to smart CD shelves and a general theme that illustrates his particular genre-love, be it Jazz or Country to Rock or Metal is sure to make the room look superb and your teen feel it’s cool enough to keep clean.

Music theme

3. The Sportsman: This kind of room is prone to get messy quick and not feel appealing to enter any time of day. The reason could be your teenage boy’s lack of time between games and practice sessions to his general sense of high-activity that makes him want to leave the house as soon as possible and head to his next sport-passion. Use the mess as your décor idea! Get the room done up in a not-so-perfect manner, introduce special design-shelves to hold his sporting equipment for quick access and an overall theme that makes it easier to spot items around the space.

sports bedroon

4. The Gentleman: This teenage boy is most probably the easiest to handle, what with his penchant for neatness and class, elegance and style. Introduce his favorite color and use it only in certain locations so it stands out in contrast to other accessories in the room. Such personal color coding will go a long way to help this teen settle well into his room. He most probably loves to read so add that to your accessory choices, like a bookshelf.

Gentleman's room

5. The Gamer: Although each of the above teenage boys’ rooms will most probably have need of designs and space-allowance for gaming equipment, this room comes especially designed for teens whose love for gaming spreads to encompass their entire living space. Custom-painting their favorite game cover-photos on the walls is great but so are framed posters. Cool or radical colors for the rest of the room, sturdy accessories and a zone where liquids and food can be kept away from the gaming equipment/laptop/PC will be awesome as well. Preferably install a calling light or bell, because we all know how teenage boys get so caught up in their games that they simply can’t pay attention to their folks calling them.

Gaming room

Image Credit: poster-street, akcalar, houzz, designdazzle, arch-ideas, varell.


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