Cure for the Top 3 Problems of an Individual’s Life

If someone asks you about the top 3 problems of an individual’s life in general what would you reply to this?

Well I am sure all your answers will have a relation to 3 basic root causes which include: Fear, Procrastination and Bad Health!

Leap over it and see is it not true?

Fear – it can be related to anything? of not being rich, of lacking a good job, of being fired from your favorite job, never living life up to your expectations, not possessing a car, losing your love, unfaithful partner, problems regarding your kid, his company and education. The list is endless.

Procrastination – according to Wiki procrastination refers to the act of injudicious replacement of high-priority activities with actions of low-priority, and thus pending the important task leading to unwanted delay.

A Scottish Proverb explains it all,

[quote]What may be done at any time will be done at no time.[/quote]

Bad Health – well fear of bad health, death, worrying about ill outcomes of stress and anxiety, fatal diseases, Insomnia, indigestion, headaches, body ache and what not.

So what should be your next step? Realize this before it’s too late!

The only action moment is the PRESENT MOMENT.

Do It Now


  • What you achieve and strive for today is what you actually have.
  • Yesterday is dead, tomorrow is asleep – only today is awake.
  • Your thoughts have the power to change you and thoughts can be changed with actions today!
  • Changed thoughts have a great impact on your deeds and thus your behavior and mind setup also transforms. Then suddenly miracle start happening in your life.
  • Relationships improve, health gets better and life recovers. It really does!
  • Your world seems to have progressed.
  • You’ll be sleeping better because you aren’t being worried anymore.
  • You’ll frequently showcase smile and happiness.

If we grow pessimistic and believe the world is full of suffering and struggle, then that’s what we’ll get – this is a psychologically proven fact. Similarly life will transform into a much awaited pleasure if you think about it to be full of fun and love, offering great relationships and good health, lots of opportunities and favorable outcomes. And undoubtedly what we sow is what we reap! So believe in yourself and convince yourself that life is good and can be better. Very soon it surely will be!

Image Credit: hang_in_there

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