Chocolate Milk – The Recovery Treat For Athletes


Exercise must be a very important part of everyone’s life. Very few people follow a good work out regime but for those who do so, it is necessary that while they are busy concentrating on high endurance exercises, it is important that they take care of the losses in terms of nutrients that the body faces during such exercises. Quick exercises like a 20 minute walk in the park or a jog concentrate more on weight loss and hence do not cause harm to the body. But rigorous workouts or excessive exercises like cycling, running may lead to depletion of glycogen levels in the body.

chocolate milk recovery

Athletes, sportspersons and people who work out for almost an hour continuously face this kind of situation. The skeletal muscles contain glycogen and heavy endurance exercises lead to a reduction in the amount of it. This reduction often leads to a slower performance or lack of stamina when one tries to regain form. The correct glycogen level is very important to prepare muscles for the next workout and also keep them strengthened for a long time. Correct levels of glycogen also help in rebuilding muscles and replenishing them.

This is why a dose of essentials carbohydrates and proteins is required after every type of strenuous exercises to restore the glycogen in the skeletal muscles. If carbohydrates are consumed within half an hour to one hour of exercise, they replenish the glycogen levels thus preparing the body for the next workout session. When the process of glycogen synthesis begins, the endurance of the body begins to rise and thus there is improvement in performance too. Proteins along with carbohydrates speed up this process of synthesis and thus are very beneficial.

A study by the American College of Sports Medicine has suggested that as compared to the various sports drinks or other carbohydrate rich drinks, chocolate milk has a better ability to rebuild muscles after an endurance workout. Actually chocolate milk is a perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins which are extremely essential after a good and rigorous workout. The different types of carbohydrates present in the chocolate milk are lactose, glucose, fructose, galactose and sucrose. Also, one portion or glass of chocolate milk contains about 70% carbohydrates and 25 – 30% protein.

chocolate milk

The study by the American College of Sports Medicine also suggested that chocolate milk has some additional benefits too than just aiding glycogen synthesis. It also aids skeletal muscle repair and rebuilding. Most sports drinks are only rich in carbohydrates. However, chocolate milk contains proteins too and hence is definitely much more beneficial in controlling the body so that another bout of exercise can be started in a couple of hours.

Also, chocolate milk is very easily available everywhere. Choosing the low fat version will help you in maintaining lean muscle too without missing out on any of the nutrients. Hence the next time you have had a tough workout or have a runner or sportsperson in the family, try the chocolate milk. It definitely works wonders.

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