Stop Being A Couch Potato–Take a stroll for starters!


Health Benefits of Walking Every Day After contemplating for long on what I should do to lose weight, I decided to begin walking every day. I know most people think that walking does not really make a difference. I am not a gym kind of person though I wouldn’t mind going for a workout if […]

Get the Perfect Cuts – Six pack abs workout


Want an impressive body that you can flaunt around? I am sure you want to because it is all about the famous and desiring six pack abs. Every man loves it and so does every woman. I am sure you agree with me. So get going and follow the steps that you should implement to […]

No Equipment Workout for the Perfect Beach Body


Now this is something every girl wants. I hope I am right ladies. Flaunting a curvaceous figure and oozing out elegance is the dream of every girl. But you don’t get it easily friends! Attaining a perfect bikini body is the result of stringent workout plans and true dedication. Once attained, a girl can show […]

Healthy Living – 3 Golden Mantras


3 Effortless Tips that you can Adapt for Healthy Living I have always come across the debate where our elders keep emphasizing that they never went to the gym or did not go for crash diets and they are still healthy. To this, my generation replies that times have changed. Today we live in a […]