Do the Dessert–Baked Strawberry Yogurt


You can never be too busy to offer your Valentine desserts today.. After all, it’s a Day of Love and few foods spark off emotions like Baked Strawberry Yogurt. Served in shot glasses with the classic romantic touch strawberries bring to this dessert, you can certainly expect to find a world of love packed ion […]

Spice up this Valentine with Herbed Chicken Steak


Since I have been sharing a series of posts for Valentine’s day, some exciting recipes must be a part of it too. We have suggested in a few posts before that cooking for your Valentine can be one of the best surprises ever. Keep it classy this Valentine’s with light and nutritious food. Start with […]

Lemon Coriander Soup Made from Scratch


Nothing can beat the winters like a cup of piping hot soup. So here’s a quick recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup finely chopped vegetables (carrots, capsicum, cabbage, beans) 3 cups water 2 tsps cornflour (mixed with 5 tsps of water) 3-4 peppercorns 1 bayleaf 5-6 tbsps lemon juice 3 tbsps chopped coriander 3 tbsps spring onions […]

My Signature Dish – Rasmalai


By far, the best dish I have adapted is the Rasmalai. Mr.H and I have tasted Rasmalai at many different places and so I thought of recreating it at home one day. The first compliment I received the moment my from him was “Baba Maganlal”. Hilarious. This is because the best Rasmalai he had ever […]

Cluster Beans with Gram Flour Dumplings (Phalli Gatte ki Sabzi)


This is a Gujarati recipe and is popularly known as Guvar Muthiya nu Shaak where Muthiya refers to gram flour dumplings. It was my mom’s favorite and mine too. The recipe makes cluster beans more tasty for those who are picky about food. It is also an innovative way to make cluster beans in gravy […]

Comfort Food – Macaroni and Cheese


This recipe was lying with me for long. Though I have made this macaroni and cheese twice in the last fortnight, I was lazy in writing a post for it. So after browsing through umpteen options for Macaroni and cheese on the Web, I decided to mix all the recipes and come up with my […]

Easy Dinner Option – Falafels with Pita Pockets


Past few months, me and my husband have engaged in having Easy Food or Easy Khana as Mr.H fondly calls it. Sometimes it may be as easy to prepare as sandwiches or his favorite Maggi noodles and sometimes as elaborate and complicated to cook as Chicken steak, Pizzas, burgers or wraps (in this case, it […]

My Favorite Coconut Macaroons – the Eggless version


After a long time, I picked up my favorite ingredient for desserts- Condensed Milk. Also, as mentioned earlier, I dislike using eggs in my baked treats. So this recipe was a sure shot in my list. To top it all, it is so simple to make (prep time 5 minutes!) that you can make even […]