what’s your shape


  Nail shapes aren’t a very complicated thing to learn. They essentially come in five basic designs:

Look Like A Goddess This Summer


  It’s that time of year and they call it summer. The sizzle that comes with this season reveals tons of chances to look divine. Whether you’re just waking up and planning on sitting in today, entertaining guests or going out, a good day look where makeup is concerned can make or break your style […]

dressing up for summer day party–part 2


  “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ― Coco Chanel   Dresses are an elegant way of dressing up. So for you ladies there who use elegance to spread their charm, a nice summer dress will be a perfect choice. As promised in part 1, here’s a […]

Dressing up for a summer day party – part 1


  Shorts are my favorite attire-choices this summer season. I admit I was a bit apprehensive to slip into a pair myself—and was anxious to do so for a long time—until I discovered how comfy and fun they turned out to be, not to forget SEXY! I sure did, and still do, feel great in […]

Style tips – Ways To Wear Bright Denim


  With a fashion statement that’s given Spring a whole new facet of couture to look forward to, bright denim—or as some people would like to call it, colored jeans—are amazing clothing choices for men as well as women. I personally feel women can rock this look way better, so let’s see how to wear […]

Dress With Class, Dress For Style, Dress To Be Remembered


If you’re visualizing a picture of austere Amishness where your hems touch the floor and your necklines cover your neck while digging into the underside of your chin, you’ve got it all wrong. What we’re gonna talk about here is magic, actual style-magic, which you will certainly need to feel deep down in order to […]