Bring the Festivities In: Decorating the Dinner Table

Colorful Dinner Table

If not for the glorious decorations, how can you or I tell if it is festive season? Yes, decorations are a huge part of it and they are the ones who are responsible for bring the spirit of festivity into the air and fill the days with hope and joy. Decorations are so integral to the whole experience that it is considered to be a part of tradition. Given all these facts about decorations, there are some things you should know, especially if you are gearing up for the upcoming festivities and want to invite the joyous spirit into your home.

Of course there are a number of rituals associated with the celebrations, but the dinner is a very special occasion. Especially so, because the hosts place so much thought and effort to make the dinner occasion memorable.

Dressing a table for dinner is an activity which reflects taste, creativity and the care of the hosts. It definitely has to have the welcoming and festive look and so there are myriad themes and ways one can decorate the table. Even for your regular parties and sit-down dinners, you can use these tips for decorating the table.

Decorating the Table

Table cloth:  A table cloth, though not mandatory, is desirable, since it provides the color and beauty to the table. Perhaps, if you have an antique or a particularly elegant table, a table cloth really may not be necessary. Use a tablecloth with solid and mood enhancing colors, e.g., red, green or gold. These colors further create a festive atmosphere. There are expensive cloths too available in the market, but if you so feel a cream or lace table cloth would also do just fine, with a great contrast. A suitable runner and placemat would enhance the look of the dining table, so check out your collections and see if it suits the decor, and else put it on the shopping list.

Center pieceCentre Pieces or Decorations: You may place miniature pots or apothecary jars. Fill the jars with potpourri or flowers and place them in the table center, if you like.  In case you have decorative lights place them around, they look unique.  Do put some fresh cut flowers, matching the color of the table cloth, in vases to decorate the center of the table. You could also use edible items as centerpieces like wrapped cookies, chocolates or meringues. You can also keep some munch-ons but ensure that the table does not look much cluttered.

Candles:  Elegant and coordinated candles on the dining table exude a cozy feeling to the overall setting. Prefer to use tall and colorful candles to complement the tablecloth. In case you wish, aromatic candles would add that dash of euphoria with the menu.  Add sparkles to the candle stem by spraying it with glitter, they shimmer in a low light setting.

Glasses:  Either you may place various glasses as per their setting or glasses could be placed on a shiny silver tray. Colorful or unique shaped glasses heighten the dining experience.

Place Settings:  Make the place settings unique, by some innovative table setting. You may consider placing a napkin with napkin ring with a twig (please make sure it is washed). You could also use small size bangles and decorate them.  The look of your dinner table can be enhanced with table mats. One great idea is to use good quality paper. Then use crayons to sketch your plate, fork and spoon on it. You can ask your kids to help you with this to add to the fun quotient.

Name CardsName Cards: A neat name card for all the diners along with a small elegantly wrapped gift may be placed on the dinner plate to heighten the festive spirit. You may also tie the name card to the napkin rings.  You could also design your own table mats and print names on them or sketch them with crayons. These are unique ways and are sure to attract compliments.

Chinaware or Dinnerware: Instead of buying the whole lot, it is best to coordinate your special dinnerware with some innovative decorative ideas. Do not forget the coffee cups, much in demand after-dinner.

There are umpteen ways to decorate the dining table, within tight budgets too. Most families do so. So sticking to a single color scheme for the table would save you much. Throw in a set of comfortable cushions and rugs around the seating space and it livens up the setting. Some well designed chair covers too complements the decorations.

There is joy in decorating the dining table and if you can plan the event well before do so, you would save yourself hassles later and make the experience truly memorable.

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  1. These ideas work great if you have a few colleagues, associates or some seniors visiting you..


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