Book Review–Inferno by dan brown


A few gasps, a couple of goosebump-moments and plenty of continuous wide eyed reading have seen me through this superb Robert Langdon novel penned by ‘da man’ himself. Dan Brown has indeed courted his fair share of conspiracy, if not more, but that apparently hasn’t stopped Mr. Brown from doing it again, this time in Venice and through the legendary Dante Alighieri.


Where most of us lack the audacity to even think about some of the facts packed in this book, Dan has woven a wholesome story around it and highlighted so much of so many things in ways only he can. After all, using the idea of ‘world population’ in a novel is sure to strike matches in all sorts of places.

Taking me through the marvels of Venice, I felt I was actually there as I read on with growing captivation as page after page made their crackling turns. The action sequences are brilliant and read like a movie—I can’t wait to see the flick when it comes out and what Tom Hanks does with this character as he has with two other ‘Langdon roles’. Some of the Art Dan describes stoked a fire under my curiosity kettle so much that I leaped onto Google and saw images of it, to my unyielding bafflement.

Rare one or two sections of the plot weren’t up to the ‘Brown standards’ we have come to love reading in ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons’ but the substantial nature of this particular storyline and the way he weaves it is nothing short of inspiring.

In addition to a bunch of poetic as well as endearing elements, plenty of heart-racing thrills and what’s-gonna-happen-next experiences, ‘Inferno’ has made me fall desperately in mystery-history love with Dante’s work ‘The Divine Comedy’ and I plan on reading that epic poem soon.

With no heart for providing spoilers and no beat-around-the-book-review sentences, I take this moment to insist you buy yourself a copy (they’re selling it with attractive discounts on sites like Flikart). Inferno is one book you simply must have in your collection and—in addition to all the other magnificent revelations and historical pointers nestled within these pages—chapter 99, if read by the ‘right minds’, has the potential to change our very species for the better.

That said, grab your copy, get reading and don’t stop till you’ve reached the last page. This is one explosive novel that is sure to prepare you in unimaginable ways for a future that just might come to pass as delineated in the words of Dan Brown’s very own ‘Inferno’.


  1. will try and read it

  2. thanks for the review ,will definitely give a try :)

  3. Nice review. Will pick up the book.

    • It will have elements you may not agree with, bordering on the highly controversial, but that’s Dan Brown for you. Besides, what he writes about makes factual sense, no matter how reluctant we may be to accept it.

  4. good review

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