Book Review – Saving Faith by David Baldacci


I must admit an obvious point, that I make plenty of mistakes. No, no, this isn’t a retraction of some sort, rather a revelation. Just a few days ago, I thought David Baldacci wrote quaint books, old fashioned in their plotlines yet charming but not as thrilling as some of the modern big-names. How wrong I was. Introducing immense ‘faith’ in this author and his exceptional skill with wielding an action-thriller plotline was his book "Saving Faith".

Saving Faith

With a classic blend of Government conspiracies, hi-tech gadgetry and confident women, this book takes ex-Navy Boxer turned private investigator Lee Adams through a convoluted but wonderfully communicated plot where the workings of the United States’ very own FBI and CIA branches of Government are eloquently revealed as the PI works to save the life of a key player in this political game of cat and mouse, namely Faith Lockhart, and performs some of the most daring action sequences I’ve read in recent months.

I personally learned a great deal about why the two organizations, the FBI and CIA, are always portrayed as being at odds with each other. Where Google confounded, Baldacci simplified. Following the very realistic scenes of other characters, David unravels their emotions, lays them out like a map and artfully reasons out why they feel the way they do, which is an extremely hard skill to master especially in action novels.

In this book, you’ll follow the moves of well-intended legendary Washington lobbyist Danny Buchanan, influential and cunning Deputy Director of the CIA Robert Thornhill (the villain in this story), the confident FBI agent assigned to Ms. Lockhart’s case, Brooke Reynolds, and of course the valuable aide to Danny Buchanan’s good cause Faith Lockhart whose one wrong move opened the political floodwaters that now threaten her life, a move intended to bury a big secret with her.

Just reading the earlier sentence makes you assume these characters are based on real people, doesn’t it? Well, that’s how good the author where creating ‘personality’ for his characters is involved.

With a story so enchanting, expertly balanced and not the least bit boring, I can honestly say David Baldacci has made it to my list of "favorite authors whose work I must read".

"Saving Faith" reads like a movie, suffused with intrigue, plenty of shocking information which I was surprised to discover was laid out in the least confusing narrative possible and a writing style that’s nothing short of enthralling, engaging and elevating this book is, in my personal opinion, one of Baldacci’s masterpieces. I’ll never forget it for as long as I live.

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