Be Your Own Dietician

My first post for the New Year has to be associated with Weight Loss. Simply because it is my New Year Resolution to seriously lose the extra pounds I have gained in the last few months.

New year Resolution

Statutory Warning: No two dieticians will ever agree on a single dietician.

Yes, that is correct. I have read several diet plans and every dietician has a different reason for recommending different types of foods to lose weight. Hence it is best to chose one plan and stick to it. Do not stare yourself or go on crash diets.

According to me, the diet plans which including eating small portions every few hours work best as they don’t coax you to stay empty stomach for long. This also makes them workable for people like me who have the urge to eat all the time. Create your own plan by monitoring your lifestyle, eating patterns, time allocated for workout and so on.

There are a few basics that you need to keep in mind before you choose to be your own dietician and pick any diet plan which is mentioned below. So if your diet plan follows these basics, be assured that it will give you remarkable results. Do not forget to incorporate some form of exercise in your daily routine if you want quicker results.

Eat Clean


As far as losing weight is concerned, there are ways ranging from small habits and other lifestyle issues, to the highly artificial and surgical options which are both expensive and dangerous. The former is definitely the most preferred. So here are the basics that you need to keep in mind before you begin with your weight loss diet plan:

Fluid Intake: One of the most common solutions to weight loss is intake of lots and lots of water. It helps in not just flushing out the toxins but also helps in killing the appetite and works wonders for the skin. Also, there is no upper limit to the consumption of water and the fact that it doesn’t have a single calorie, is an added incentive. In fact, one must drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. Also, every meal should also be preceded by a glass of water.

No caffeine

No to Caffeine: Secondly, one must stay away from fizzy carbonated drinks if one wants to lose weight. These drinks are sweetened with sugar and hence carry large amount of calories which are very harmful to anyone looking to lose weight. Then, food items with greater water content must be preferred, for example, watermelons and tomatoes. Also, many experts believe that we must choose fruits over fruit juices as fruits have a greater fibre content which is an important source of vitamins. Also when going for fruit juices, one must always go for fresh juices.

Move to fibres: We must consume lots of fibre for the proper functioning of the body; therefore, there should be an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. In fact, vegetables are our most important assets when it comes to losing weight, especially the green leafy one. We should make it a point to always make salads a part of our diet. Most importantly, we must use our brains while eating and not eat just for the sake of eating. We must be very careful about whatever we eat and should have a careful eye for anything fattening coming our way.

Add fruits

Desert the Desserts: If you want to lose weight, stay away from sweets, as they are one of the highest carriers of calories. It is high time we train ourselves to resist the temptation of chocolates and cakes. Instead, we should fix our simple meal timings and make it a point to eat only during those hours. Contrary to general perception, one must never skip meals and should stay from fried dishes. We should even avoid adding cream and sugar to our tea and coffee as they are the ingredients which make it fattening.

Out of all the possible ways for weight loss, the thumb rule remains that you must eat when you are hungry. We will have to watch what we eat and remain conscious of it throughout the exercise. Only then can we realize and live the dream of having a perfect body.

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  1. You have described nicely the diet plan and weight loss tips ever.I have read some of your tips.These are no doubt so useful and informative.


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