Battling Belly Blues This Summer


Before you close this window assuming ‘belly blues’ is some exotic illness not applicable to you, try thinking ‘stomach ache’ and you’re spot on. Summer has this hellish skill of ushering in the belly blues, as thousands of people—otherwise normal and healthy—and with no consideration for age, meaning all age-groups fall prey to this, find themselves getting the short straw of stomach pain. All due the heat! So let’s stop wasting time and check out how you can start battling the belly blues during this sultry season.

stomach ache

Here’s how it works: summer increases the chance that food and water in your home can turn, well, a bit off track and that rotten food and grimy water has a chance of being consumed by you, before the signs are even seen. Stomach upset is an obvious consequence, probably also diseases that cause such pains like cholera, typhoid and diarrhea.


Even if you drink plenty of water during a stomach-upset phase, know this fact: your body now sees reduced fluid-absorption levels. The virus and bacteria in food and water, more of them during the heat of summer, are responsible for that state.

Tough truth: Many a toxin escapes the boiling-water process despite the bacteria being burnt to an awesome crisp (!).

So you can’t be fully certain you’re consuming the purest water even after boiling it just right. Milk and non-veg has a tendency to show this sort of behavior on being boiled to get rid of bacteria, so try avoiding meat this summer (though it’ll be pretty hard to do!) and go for fresh-made milk products instead.

Okay, ‘nuf with the Science theory-class, let’s head on to the practicals!

fresh fruits

1. Oily and fried food, not to mention those eatables you get from roadside stands, go tough on your digestive tract and cause all sorts of issues in summer, from oily skin to pimples, increased body heat, itchiness and, yeah, stomach pain.

2. Try adopting the half-food method, meaning you start eating half of what you’re commonly used to. This essentially means you’re gonna go on a low-calorie diet to ease things up.

3. Fruits with high water-content are awesome choices. Go for watermelons, mangoes, sweet melons and grapes. Cucumbers too; which is a veggie. These ‘rehydraters’ aside, eat a small amount of curd, it’s great on your stomach and does your skin great good too.

4. When I mentioned above how water may not always help, I didn’t mean throw the whole idea away. Drinking water, in general, is a cool idea, literally. It detoxifies your system and keeps you internally ‘moisturized’.

5. Eat refrigerated food on the same day you put it in the cooler, and wash your hands before you dig into a meal.

Here are remedies you can try out, born in the forges of Ayurvedic efficiency!

a. For Belly Burn: 1 teaspoon fenugreek seed (methi daana) powder + milk or buttermilk (chhach). Twice daily for a few days.

b. For A Heavy Belly: ¼ teaspoon each powdered cumin (jeera) and black pepper + a glass of buttermilk (chhach). 2-3 times a day for as many days.

c.  Quick Belly Pain Relief: 1 tsp of mint juice + limejuice. Add ginger juice + black salt.


Here are more remedies to try out, these coming from a very natural viewpoint

a. Grate a small piece of ginger, squeeze out the juice, apply to belly bottom (pardon the way that sounds!) and give it a gentle massage.

b. Nothing against sipping a glass of iced water or warm/hot water slowly.

c. Stomach pains are sometimes brought on by too much acid floating around in there with nothing to do but be a burden. Crackers and/or toast will help absorb all that acid, make things flow a little better and relieve you of all that belly trouble.

d. A nice fact… Carbonated beverages such as ginger ale, mineral water, or tonic water (with quinine, yummy and efficient!) work like enchantments in many a belly.

e. A tiny exercise tip… Sit down, get comfortable, and bring your knees up to your chest. Stay that way for a minute or three. Stretch your legs out again, but do so slowly.


f. Keep in mind what was mentioned above about the type of milk you should consume this summer. Read that again? Now read on… Dairy products are great to drink in summer. Since stomach blues are often caused by increase in acid content, it’s a logically sound idea to drink milk which is a base (in chemical terminology) and therefore neutralizes acid. Be careful, now, too much milk can make the belly ache worse.

g. Unsweetened black tea, a nice strong cup of it, is rather effective.

h. When you take your set amount of water in summer, add a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to it. It helps keep some body-types from getting dehydrated.

Well, that’s it for now. Go ahead and find freedom from the belly blues. I’m not standing in your way any longer, throwing all sorts of advice at ya! Wishing you a comfy, peaceful, happy, and battle-free summer.


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