Basic Bathroom Design ideas for Small Bathrooms

I am generally on a move every two years and have to accommodate myself in pre-allocated houses. At times, the houses are beautiful, spacious and modern but usually we end up living in a relatively small house that needs lots of maintenance. The bathrooms especially, can be much better. So whenever I travel and stay at hotels, I am more impressed with the bathrooms than the actual room.

Small Decorated Bathroom

However, in my self-owned home, I am going to ensure that we have a bathroom as impressive as the other rooms of the house.

While it is easy to pep up the living and other rooms with colorful curtains and other décor items, it is very difficult to come up with ideas to make the bathroom look nice. Generally, most people just assume that constructing a bathroom and having basic amenities put in it is more than sufficient.

I don’t agree. According to me a well kept bathroom spells sophistication, style and luxury. Though early in the morning you might just rush in and out of the bathroom but sometimes later during the day it is a place where you relax in the shower and want to feel fresh.

So why not give it the same warm and fresh feel that your bedroom would have?

Not all houses (including mine) have huge bathrooms but with correct planning and using the bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms, one can utilize the space in a very good manner.

It is not very difficult to get unique and stylish look for each bathroom. The basics have to be kept in mind when you are constructing a bathroom.

Enhancing Small Bathrooms

If you have missed that, then these basics of designs for small bathrooms need to be applied while reconstructing or renovating it.

  • The first thing is the floor where proper use of tiles makes the difference. Glossy tiles may look good but they are of no use in the bathroom because they are slippery. Also sticking to traditional white tiles is out of fashion. You can co-ordinate the shape, size and color of the tiles as per your theme or bathroom designs.
  • It is also very necessary to manage the space in the bathroom properly. The toilet seat should ideally be perpendicular to the entrance of the bathroom and not facing it. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • The size of the bath tub, sinks and other cabinets and accessories also needs to be co-ordinated so that the bathroom does not look cluttered. Do not over stuff it just because you want all the modern accessories.
  • Then there is the lighting. It is very important to have natural bright light in the bathroom. It makes you feel even fresher. If that is not possible a glass window in the bathroom which allows some light in from the adjacent room can be made. Tube lights can be used instead of small bulbs to eradicate the gloomy effect.
  • The plumbing definitely needs to be correct.
  • Other things that help in executing good bathroom designs for small bathrooms are correct color co-ordination, safe electric wiring and enough storage cabinets that match with the other décor, shower curtains and bathroom mats of good quality and modern designs and so.
  • While choosing excellent bathroom designs for small bathrooms you have options of stylish hand showers, bath tubs, basins, artistic mirror cabinet, beautiful curtains and matching towels and other linen and so on. The list is endless and you can easily choose items to suit your taste and pocket.
  • Small inexpensive things like a small pot of a fresh green plant can be added for a soothing feel or fresh flowers can be kept inside for a happy ambience.
  • Above all, it is important that you maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your bathroom and make sure it smells good by keeping air fresheners in it because bad odor can definitely kill the whole purpose of your décor.

Image Credits: Clarkston Skamp, Love Maegan

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