Awesome Ice – Everyday Things Used In Extraordinary Ways – Part 1


I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I randomly typed in something online about ‘everyday things used in extraordinary ways’ and after some fishing came across Ice. This simple cube(s) of solid aqua can do stuff most people waste time and cash over and fail to see results. Here’s how ice works its practical magic.


1. Untamable Fabric Wrinkles: When that occasion comes along and your shirt or pant (and some other types of attire), the one you so desperately want to wear today, has plenty of discouraging wrinkles on it and you have no time to wash it all over again, all you gotta do is take a hand-cloth, wrap a bunch of ice cubes in it and rub it on the wrinkled areas or the whole shirt/pant/whatever.

After that take the iron to your clothing and watch as those disobedient wrinkles meet the perfect taskmaster.

2. Watering A Hanging Plant: This stupendously silly idea is nothing short of genius, because as they say genius is as genius does. Instead of stretching those muscles and causing yourself undue strain in the process, the next time you head on out or around the home, aiming to water all those beautiful hanging plants in their compact pots or suspended boxes, take a nice big bucket of ice cubes and drop a few cubes in each pot.

As the ice melts so the plant gets its share of water while you have hardly any mess to clean up and absolutely no strain to worry about.


3. Tanning And Sunburn: This is one of my personal favorites, because I have an issue with easy-tanning. When you come in from the sun and you feel irritable all over, take a bath if you’d like to but don’t forget to use some ice cubes after or before, whenever you feel like it.

You won’t need cloth for this one, the ice needs to directly touch your skin, so slide ‘em along using your fingers and watch that sunburn find ease and, in the case of tanning, see as your tan bids adieu after many weeks of diligent application. Of course, prevention is better than cure, so use SPF-15 (and over) sunscreens when next you head out or try staying out of the sun altogether.

4. The Numb Master: Ice when placed on your skin for a certain period of time totally numbs it. Duh! Imagine what you can do with this fact when you, say, have a splinter stuck in your finger or toe and it scares the living daylights out of you when a close friend or family member tries taking it out with a pin or worse, a kitchen knife.

Another use for this ice-numbing effect is for all you ladies out there who’re adept at picking your own eyebrows right at home. Numb your eyebrows with these cubes and the plucking gets easier to accomplish.

5. Sauces De-Curdled: If you have a sauce on the stove that’s rather thick in texture and due to some time-problem or other is yet to be enjoyed, chances are it will curdle and grow thicker than you may like. In that case, re-heating will make it worse and leaving it out longer, no different.

All you need do is drop an ice cube or two in the pan and, over a small flame, watch as your sauce de-curdles into that perfect dish you imagined it to be.

Bubble gum hair

6. There Goes The Gum: Chewing gum is cool but it’s hell when it gets in your hair or on your clothes and you find yourself at wit’s end trying to get it off and quick.

A simple rub with an ice cube hardens that gum up and then you can easily scrape it off using a spoon or some other inventive thing you can find. Be careful what you take to your hair, though.

7. When Rice Dries: Okay, so you have a plate of rice and it went all dry on you. The microwave looks like a bad idea now, because the last thing you want is the rice to go worse and then you’re left with no choice but to dump the contents.

The simplest thing to do is to place a cube of ice on the top of your rice pile, microwave it and enjoy a nice ideally moist rice meal, perfect in every way.

8. Makeup Wonders: Rubbing a few ice cubes along the skin of your face and neck veritably tightens your pores, closing it down and affording you the chance to keep dirt from forming in there (thereby preventing dark spots, pimples and over-existence of dead cells) and also giving you a nice smooth skin-template to get your makeup onto. Even without makeup—if a woman is bold enough to try that out—your skin looks smooth, tight and young without coming across as stretched.

9. Juices And Cubes: This one is easy to understand but will take some effort on your part to prepare. Take some fruit juices and make ice cubes of them. The ‘effort’ I mentioned earlier will be the patience you’ll need to exercise until the cubes are ready. After they’re done, apply directly to skin and don’t use cloth to wrap the cube in because then the cube-juice loses some of its potential. Here’s some cube-math for you…

Orange juice = For A Bright Face

Apple Juice = Great On Oily Skin

Pomegranate Juice = Rich In Anti-Oxidants, For Rosy Skin

ice3Important Ice-point: When you use ice cubes directly on your face—as I mentioned in some of the above points—some delicate capillaries under your skin will certainly meet with breakage. The best means of avoiding that is to wrap the ice cubes in a thin cloth so you get the kiss of ice as well as get to keep your skin from unwanted harm.

In those cases where you need to apply the ice directly to the skin, try to keep the duration as short as you can manage, that way all’s well that ends well.

Ice is indeed awesome! With ideas like these and plenty more where that came from (which you can Google coz I’m gonna try finding other everyday items to talk about for Part-2) there’s no end to the power ice can grant you.

Look out cubes, here we come!

Image Credit: stevendepolo, zeevveez


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