And The moral of the story is..My Gummy Discovery


It started casually… I woke up one day and fast-walked into the bathroom, ready to brush up and prepare to face a whole new day with the same set of problems. What I didn’t count on was bleeding gums. My toothbrush had the barest tinge of gum-blood on it so I didn’t care much and went on brushing.


I had all the basics covered… The bristles on my toothbrush weren’t too rough and I used dentist-approved toothpaste, Colgate being my personal favorites. These facts in mind I attributed my bleeding gums to something unplaced but having no serious reason to fret over. It did cross my mind that I may have a vitamin deficiency, but that concern was washed away with the rest of my worries in this regard as I exited the bathroom, all freshened up, and got to work on my computer.

The next four days which then became a week I experienced gum-bleeds that just wouldn’t stop. I was eating home-cooked food and there was variety in what went on the table. So what am I not getting by way of nutrition? Being too lazy to look up the causes and having no tooth aches to goad me into the dentist’s office, I did what most people might have done, I became my own doctor, diagnosed myself healthy and happy and went on with my seventh gum-bleed-when-brushing-that-morning day.

Sitting before my computer, I was making good progress with some article work I was penning for clients and also a bunch of post ideas for my blog Lifestylerr. That’s when I happened upon a gum-related issue on Yahoo, which then led me to a snippet of knowledge that saved me immense problems later on.


The vitamins I needed to have going into me each day by way of food were missing, at least some of them were. However, those few vitamins I was not taking were rather crucial to preventing gum-bleeds and a whole lot of other oral health disasters.

One of those dietary must-eats was about five or more fist-sized servings of fruits and veggies of which I was taking much less than half. While I get my daily dose of calcium (milk, yogurt) and vitamin D (which I must admit I get from the sun when I head out and then worry about tanning and global warming!), I wasn’t taking enough of an effort to consume the right quantities of vitamin C (guava, cauliflower, broccoli, papaya and of course orange), magnesium (nuts like cashews, peanuts, almonds; oat bran, figs and fish), and anti-inflammatories such as fish oil.

Armed with these facts my grocery shopping got healthier and after merely a week on a good diet I experienced absolutely no gum-bleeds. Not only did my teeth feel better rooted, good toothpaste coupled with good food helped whiten them (yes, enamel-whiteness depends too on eating right). And I simply can’t forget what Colgate Total Pro Gum Health Toothpaste did for me throughout all this, acting as a supplement in its own right to resolve my gum problems.. I was glad I didn’t have to add smoking to my list of must-kicks, because being a non-smoker has saved me buckets of trouble from all health genres.


Beginning to feel peace of mind was a great reward. I realized that level of calm was mainly due my body getting good nutritional value. Using my new food-diet my body grew calmer, safer from illness and far more energetic than I could have imagined. Stress is yet another reason why people have gum problems and I realized just how tense I was before my new diet came along.

Good food and less stress is a natural sure-fire way to get rid of gum ailments and walk into a healthier future.

This is my entry for the Indiblogger Colgate Pro Gum Health Contest.

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