All you need to know about Curing Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is something which all of us have experienced.  We continue to experience it at different times during the day and week. Perhaps the simplest of questions that we need to ask about back pain is – how does it happen? What are its causes? Why is it so widespread? The reason for lower back pain are the same things which are causing hundreds of other problems. Unwanted weight gain is just one of them.

Getting Rid of Back pain

There are dozens of solutions that are available to handle lower back pain but it is always good to know what is causing it. Once you understand what is causing the back pain, you could always find ways to avoid the source of the pain. Not all sources of pain are avoidable but some of them are.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Nerve Irritation – The back is a combination of a number of different elements, and you will find that one of them is nerves which run as part of the spinal cord. Similar to any other muscle in the body, nerves are also made of cells which will have to endure the same wear and tear that every other part goes through. These nerves run through the length of the back and any damage to them will result in severe back pain.
  • Joints Damage – Unlike the upper back which is a solid and inflexible design, the lower back is designed for flexibility and movement. Similar to how a machine has moving parts and those parts will experience some amount of damage during usage; the lower back body parts suffer extensive damage over the course of the day. Of course, the human body is designed to repair itself but that happens when the joints are given sufficient rest.  If the joints aren’t given enough rest, usually in the form of sleep, then it is possible that they will not be fully repaired before the next day starts.
  • Disc Damage – Discs in the lower back allow for rotational movement of the human body. The discs are designed for movement and if your job or lifestyle does not involve any kind of disc movement, then they would get ‘rusty’ so to speak. However, you will have to move around eventually and with insufficient exercise these discs would lose their mobility. When that happens, they experience some kind of damage and that manifests in the form of pain.
  • Strain On Muscles – Every time a muscle is moved, cells are being broken and being rebuilt. Similar to how joints experience damage, muscle cells literally break down the more they are used. If the back muscles are suddenly subjected to a lot of work, like a sudden surge of exercise or a weekend trip that involved extensive lifting and climbing, that will result in pain.

However, there are times when we cannot really get rid of all these pain reasons or sources.

Lower back pain

Back Pain Remedies At Home

Lower back pain is a common occurrence and there a lot of people who would be like to try some simple home remedies before they have to rush to the good doctor for a solution. Many a times, these home remedies, if followed properly, could solve the back pain problem with little or no financial investment.

So here’s a quick list of 5 home remedies for curing back pain:

  1. Drink Water – A lot of us simply refuse to understand the healing qualities of plain water. Avoid soft drinks and drink lots of water and see your back pains disappear.
  2. Hot Packs – Warmth has always been associated with helping alleviate pain. Heat allows for the body to repair and re-grow cells faster. Apply hot packs to areas of pain for a quick relief.
  3. Stretching Exercises – Exercising, even something as simple as walking for two minutes by getting out of your work chair every hour can give your spine much needed relief. If you can practice doing this, you won’t have to worry about lower back pain at all.
  4. Sleep Well – Try and stop your habit of sleeping less. There is no point in lying about this; most of us are sleeping less and less every day! Our days are getting longer due to increased work, responsibilities, shopping and what not. However, come what may, fix any and all sleep related issues.
  5. Next is the quality of sleep. The most criminal aspect of today’s life is our phones. Many are in the habit of not keeping our phones in sleep or offline mode and inevitably allow ourselves to be interrupted at night. This habit has to be done with.

Five Easy Tips for Back Pain Relief

If you have only begun experiencing more than just occasional lower back pain attacks, these tips should help you avoid future instances of back pain.

Easing back pain

  1. Take a break when you are expected to sit for long durations on a single chair and desk. This happens a lot when you are working at office, so you may want to use an alarm.
  2. Drinking ample amount of water helps replenish lost water.
  3. Spend at least ten minutes every morning doing some basic stretching exercises like the cat stretch. This will allow your body to gain that quick flexibility that will last throughout the day.
  4. Eat healthy. Avoid junk food or at least cut down on food that is high on fat. This will help you in preventing your height to weight ratio crossing the recommended threshold. Always bear in mind that the spine can only handle so much weight before it starts generating pain.
  5. Go for a swim. Swimming at least twice a week will help you give your entire body the workout it needs. Think of the weekly swimming sessions as a way of servicing the machine that is your body. Keeping the machine oiled and running will help you keep all the pain at bay.

Five Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

One of the best solutions of lower back pain is exercise, but you probably knew that. However, if this is the solution you want to go with, then you would love to know, which exercise will get rid of your back pain?

  1. Running – You could decide to call it to running or jogging or even speed walking, either way any form of movement which is faster than casual walking, every day for a set amount of time, will help you keep all your body parts in perfect shape. You can run on a jogging machine or just head out to the nearest park or even on the sidewalk.
  2. SwimmingSwimming is a much more strenuous work out than simple running because your legs as well as your shoulders need to work a lot harder to help you swim. By doing so, you are allowing your back muscles and bones which are tied to your hands and legs get stronger. Stronger muscles in the back will ensure a stronger spine and less pain.
  3. Inversion Table – One cause for lower back pain is the way the spine can contract due to the sitting posture. If you are in a desk job and it does not demand you to move around a lot, chances are your spine has no chance to expand. Such folks need to stretch their spine regularly and the solution is either stretching exercises with or without an inversion table.
  4. StretchingStretching – Stretches are one of the most advised and followed upon type of back exercises. They help relieve tension on the spine, greatly contributing to reduced lower back pain incidents. There are different kinds of stretching exercise that you could begin practicing. With stretches, remember to take your time to get used to it.You could try the cat like stretch, where you get on all your fours and move like a cat would, allowing the spine to relax. Another stretch which is also considered a beginner’s only stretch is the Knee stretch, which also helps you work on your chest muscles.
  5. Yoga – If you have wanted to know why you should choose yoga in your mission to eliminate back pain, here are few simple facts about yoga.
  • Yoga has been around for ages. There are records that go back to several centuries ago when yoga was used by people to stay in good health.
  • Yoga has zero side effects and almost no chance of accidental injury. You are not using any exercise equipment and it is impossible to injure yourself while doing yoga.
  • Yoga covers everything. You name any part of the body and any sort of ailment, there will be an answer from yoga to take care of it. As a matter of fact, it is impossible find some asana that does not cover even the most obscure pain in the human body.

If you have decided to use yoga as one of your weapons against lower back pain, then following are some effective asanas.

  • The Pose Of The Cow – This pose, also called as Bitilaasanaa, is perfect if you are looking at Cow poseincreasing the strength of your spine.
  • The Pose Of The Cat – This is also called as Maarjariyaasana. This pose, when done correctly will help you in increasing the strength of muscles which are located in the trunk of your body. Since the back depends on these muscles, taking care of these muscles will lead to less back pain.

We all definitely agree that “Prevention is better than Cure” and this applies to lower back pain too. If proper attention is paid at the initial stage, you will be saving yourself from the severe ailments this pain could lead to.

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