all veg peanut and paneer pate recipe


Recently I organized a dinner party at my place and made this peanut and paneer pate. Don’t be fooled by the name that sounds very exotic. It’s super simple easy to make this vegetarian pate which is a kind of dip or spread. If you follow the recipe even by altering the proportions a bit, the end product is still going to be delicious. My friends loved it. Thankfully I could click a couple of good pics (with my Google Nexus 4).

Peanut Cheese Pate

The best part is that you can prepare it a day before or in the morning and thus saves you efforts of rushing with the hors’doeuvres and ordering them from outside. Serve it with crackers and they will compliment any kind of drink perfectly. This recipe is sufficient for around 30-35 crackers.


100 gms paneer

4 tbsp roasted peanut powder

2 tbsp lime juice

1 small onion – diced

1 small green chilli

Salt to taste


For the peanut powder, I roasted the peanuts first and removed their skin. Then ground them to a fine paste. You can also use regular peanuts without roasting. I prefer the former.

Now all you need to do is blend all the ingredients in a mixer grinder to form a smooth paste.

Voila! Your peanut and paneer pate is ready!

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