9 Tips to Transforming Youthful Décor To Suit Your Age


This post is inspired by a comment on a similar post I wrote, "Décor Tips For A Teen’s Bedroom". By the owner of a very interesting blog ‘njoyeverymoment‘. How I wish I could find her name on the blog.

never too late

There are so many people out there who have quite simply ceased pursuing a décor that’s suits their personality. The main reason they do this is because they’ve outgrown ‘that age’. What on earth is that supposed to mean? Nothing to worry about, we all reach that point where we feel we have bigger things to think about than décor. Aaaaand, before I start sounding like a self-help speaker, let’s talk décor.

Décor is actually pretty important for you as a human being. After all, ten minutes simply staring at the toilet walls while doing nothing at all is sure to feel markedly different from sitting in the living room and staring at all the attractive stuff and, yeah, still doing nothing.

You needn’t think way out of the box. All you need is to figure out ways to transform what you have into something you’d love to have. For instance, ‘njoyeverymoment‘ desired to go back in time to her teenage days when she’d have been better able to have her room made up in the princess-style than would look, um, normal at her present age. Good news is anyone can, if—and that’s a very powerful 2-letter word—they make the transformation go off without a hitch.

So here are a few tips from Lifestylerr:

1. Take what you have, starting with the furniture in your room. You’ll be surprised just how different your entire living space will look with a mere change in furniture.

Girly bedroom

2. Get yourself nice elegant silky-style pieces with tasseled cushions, curtains and lamps covered over with textured-monochrome scarves, drapes that flow under even the slightest breeze and beautiful soft colors, with deeper pinks than the teen-girly counterpart, mature purples, stark whites and/or blood-reds and you have yourself a room fit for an adult princess. You could add similar bed linen and bed sheets too.

3. This is one idea-outline of décor for an adult woman to try out. Women can also go for the artistic look using a similar styling technique with changes that suit their artistic taste.

4. Men may be mum on this whole concept, where their own personal preferences are concerned. To you silent-sufferers out there, here’s a tip to help you get started. If your room is simple, spruce it up with sporty touches. Don’t tell me you won’t go shopping for some display pieces, because they aren’t going to magically appear in all the right spots.

adventurous bedroom

5. Guys, balance bold with mild. That way you don’t get that "are you still a teenager?" feeling nor the unnerving "what are you, a senior citizen?" sense. Get air to circulate inside your room, it adds a sense of male freedom and fun and gets the sun in there too.

6. Never clutter your space, it looks bad no matter who has a room like that.

7. For instance, ideas under décor for adult men include the transformation of a drab room into an adventurous one. Using wood-framed portraits, fake weapons (guns, fancy swords) that don’t take up too much wall-space and horse-themed items are cool.

8. Use black and blue to superb effect and a darker shade of red and yellow that brings out that royal-masculine look and none of that teen-dude ambiance.

boy room

9. If you don’t have gaming equipment, no matter how old a guy you are, there’s always going to be something missing in your life. Place your gaming superstars in simple well-cut display furniture mostly made up with light-hued wood and clear glass.

So, get started re-decorating your space, make it fun to work or sleep or whatever-else-you-do in, and feel the stress leave your system. No, this isn’t a self-help article, again, and yes a small portion of stress does call it quits when you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Was that too obvious?

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  1. Thats is nice writeup..in fact your other parts were also good..
    This time I will go with the Adventurous Design..

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