8 Captivating Party Games For Adults

Yeah, there are kazillions of ideas out there where party games for couples or adult games for bachelors and bachelorettes are concerned. I’ve tried creating some of my own here, so hope these tickle your fancy. There’s no fun in merely reading them and not actually trying them out, so feel free to practice what you imagine. Check out these fun party games for adults.

Party Time

The Untouchables

You must have seen this game in a movie—I can’t recall the name—but here’s how it goes. You and your partner refuse to touch each other while simultaneously trying to manipulate a round object between the two of you. Before you go assuming all sorts of things, the object in question is a small ball or some such; I didn’t fare too well in changing your thoughts, did I? Anyway, play some fast-paced beat music and try to get that ball up from your legs to your head-tops by moving in all sorts of ways without so much as directly touching each other. If the ball drops, pick it up, place it exactly where it fell from and continue the game. The first couple to get the ball up to the top of their heads and holds it there (still without touching each other) wins. This doubles up as a couples party game too.

The Liquor Lol

This hilarious game will have you in stitches. It can get a bit messy so bring out those plastic sheets and let’s get started. Find liquor that burns, this is paramount. Have two guy- or two girl-friends sit opposite each other, their faces only five feet away. They take a shot of liquid fire and Do Not Swallow it down! The person who holds their drink inside their mouth the longest wins while the other has a strong chance of spitting theirs onto the ‘winner’s’ face coz of the ‘heat’, upon which bonus points are awarded if the ‘winner’ doesn’t spit his liquor out by reflex. Who knows what can happen in this game? Lolz!


The Margarita Mingle

This is for all your single people out there who want their dating to go off awesome. That can’t happen if there’s an element of boredom in the dating process, right? Here’s one way for single men and women to hook up through a game. If you’re already spoken for, just let the kiddies have this one. It starts with a long table where all shapes and sizes of glasses stand side by side, filled with a different drink. It can be liquor, soda, cola, you name it. There must be two rows of them, one for the ladies and another for the gents. However, none of the players know this because they’re all blindfolded, guys on one side of the table and girls on another. Lest an accident occurs, a referee blows a whistle and one man and one woman leaves the line and, still blindfolded, and chooses a drink each. They’re given their ‘choices’ to hold and sip slowly while the rest of the participants have their go.  At the end of the game, when all the men and women have chosen their drinks, their blindfolds are removed and, voila, the couple with matching drinks gets to go on a date with each other.

The Dumb Dance

Okay, get your groove on, get some awesome music, preferably a compilation of sundry tracks, either fast-paced or slow. Now separate your group impartially into equal halves, both groups having guys and girls in it (there are lots of ways to do this part). There have to be three judges who don’t play with. When you’re ready, the first team initiates the dance-off and it ain’t all about fancy perfect moves. The dumbest dances, done as a group, either in sync or not, get awarded higher points by the judges. The dumbest dance group wins at the end of five rounds, after the points are totaled.

funny dance

The Twisted Treasure Hunt

This game is like any other treasure hunt. It’s held outdoors, no maps only clues, teams are made up and they go out following said clues to find the so-called treasure. There have to be referees who see everyone’s playing nice and those referees also get to repeat the clues and say if one group is warm/hot (getting close), lukewarm (nearby) or cool/cold  (far away). The treasure involved in this game is what makes the whole affair twisted. You see, the referees have taken something very valuable from each of the players, from all groups involved in hunting, so they all have a crucial stake in the game. The referees have put them in a box and hidden them. Finding your valuables can indeed be a tricky thing, depending on what they took. Their clues only lead you to the location and don’t detail the objects themselves. Get started, what if the ‘treasure’ in question is something that could be permanently lost if left by itself for a period of time? Mu-hahahha!!!

Pencils And Bangles

Okay, now for a classic number and an exciting couples party game. Have guys and gals make up separate teams and stand in two different sections of the room. The gals hold a pencil in their mouths with a bangle twirled around it while the boys are allowed to hold only pencils in theirs. What happens next is a race where the ladies have got to reach their partners as quickly as possible because the next phase of this game is gonna take up all the time they have left. They’ve to try sliding the bangle from their pencils to that of their partners’, without touching of course. After that the men follow a pre-set course around the entire house/apartment, heading back to where the girls started from. The guy who reaches his girl first wins.

Dratted Donuts

This number is quite simple to read about but has a world of thrills packed away. This is how it’s played. Men, take your positions standing on one side. Ladies, you go ahead and do the same on the other. You’re not positioned exactly opposite each other. This leaves room for the game-setups:  two poles with horizontal bars reaching out the top from which hang two thin ropes (preferably plastic) entwining two donuts. You can see where this is going already, right? Both of you must have your hands tied to something behind you so you don’t lunge forward and grab yourself an unfair advantage. What happens is the donuts are swung and you try grabbing it with your mouth alone. Whoever eats their donut (at least 3/4th of it) first is the winner.

dratted donuts

The Silly Slap

I admit I found inspiration for this one from Barney Stinson in ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The trick Marshal played on him is simply too ‘legendary’ to not become a game in its own right. This is how the cookie crumbles, with a few embellishments of my own thrown in. You play a round of Extreme Truth Or Dare, where the truth is something quite traumatic and the dares are the stuff of legend. Let your imaginations rule this round. Here’s the Barney-part. The loser will get silly-slapped anytime, anywhere, without warning and in one helluva powerful way too. Call it a slap that could level mountains!

These eight party games for couples and singles are fun, adrenaline-stoking, laugh-out-loud crazy, wild and… oh, throw your own descriptions into the mix. Just play them, remember them, share them and cheers to all you bold men and women out there who take up these five challenges and plan on winning all of them. I dare ya!

Image Credit: shimelle, Steve Snodgrass, cwbeucheler, roosac.

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