7 Things Men Should Re-Consider Before Wearing


When it comes to fashion for men, it can get very ugly very fast. You’ll see how bad some choices can end up looking on a guy, at least 99% of them. The results I gathered to help make this post aren’t my own opinions on the matter, but some of them, well, let’s just say I’ve had my share of bad-attire days. In addition, the info you’re about to learn is something women will agree on, making the following fashion advice for men you’re about to read quite important.

think again


Short Jeans Cut-Offs

They have been known to feel comfortable and yes they’re sometimes born of necessity where you have a good pair of blue jeans that start to fray and wear away and pretty soon you end up tearing and cutting to make yourself some shorts that oftentimes get too short for decency. Men aren’t all that concerned about showing off a little too much skin and that’s a natural feeling, no worries, but cut-off jeans shorts are the last straw. They double as good bed-wear for when you sleep but are terrible to see on a guy when he wakes up let alone walks around in it.

Leather Waistcoats

They’re amazing when worn in the right climate on a certain look (like a suit) and when you have that singular flair for them. However, accidents are known to happen. One such mistake is when a man decides to try a celeb-look and dons a leather waistcoat over his t-shirt which will soon make him sweat and, consequently, give off an unpleasant odor. Then there’s the fact that men love a nice vintage look, something that’s commonly associated with clothing that gets old over time. For some weird reason leather waistcoats and rats get along pretty well and after a while of deliberate neglect to get that vintage appeal, you just might find not much of a waistcoat left to wear.

Colored Jeans

Yeah, blue and black are colors and you find them on jeans for men. The colors I’m referring to are white and red, individually. The white variety is commonly mistaken to mean style and sophistication these days. Some rare jeans are designed to helps confirm that style-point, so those are okay. However, there are plenty of other jeans in white that are form-fitting or slimming and they end up looking, well, odd on a dude. Needless to say how red jeans send out all the wrong signals. I agree, high fashion for men has color blocking very much in couture, meaning the use of layers of different colors to pull off that youthful European look. But, I also have to admit, I’m not too big a fan of all those colors on, lemme just say it, me. It has the potential to make you look ‘off’.

Loose Flip-Flops

They’re convenient, practical, and extremely easy to wear and remove but to use them when you’re out in public instead of the relative privacy of your own home ends up making you look lazy or badly dressed or both. Most men even walk ‘ducky’ in over-sized flip flops which in a very public setting look weird. If the weather is nippy, chances are those flip-flops will meet socks and that’s yet another terrible combo to be used out where the world can see you.

3-quarter Cargos

There are sundry other names for this piece of clothing but I feel that number (3-quarter) leaves no room for guessing how this piece of attire looks. Here, again, we have a nice casual choice. It’s baggy, purportedly keeps men cool, great for jogging or hitting the gym and so on, but they look ridiculous. They stop a little past the knees and have loose hems at both pant-ends that cut off the claves in a way as to make you seem shorter. Simply put, they’re a little too baggy to look good on most men, especially if you’re slim.

Tracksuit Pants

Unless you’re a rapper-like dude, have the walk to pull it off, the skin tone to look at ease in it and other clothes that complement it, tracksuit pants worn with other choices makes for a terrible look that some celebs themselves have found hard to pull off.

Jewelry or Bling

Whatever you decide to call it, not all of them look good let alone great on men. They look amazing when off your body. Why, they may even make you feel inspired the second you slip them on. However, how it meets another person’s eye is a whole different matter. Rings on your pinky fingers, stretched lobe earrings, even toe rings are all not-so-cool choices for men. A properly-sized steel, aluminum, silver or platinum wrist-chain is alright, perhaps similar bling that serves as a neck-chain and a masculine ring for anything but the smallest finger on your hand are all good, as long as you have what it takes to make them work. If you’re a guy who likes accessories, try sunglasses and watches—they’re superb replacements for general dude-jewelry.


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