7 Simple Surprise Ideas This Valentine’s Day

If you’ve read this post’s cousin, ‘How To Surprise Your Valentine’, know that this one is kinda different, meaning you’ll find a couple clichés and a bunch of probably new ideas. What you need to realize is that the simple surprise ideas that follow are just that, simple. So keep your hopes moderate and, most importantly, use what you read here to come up with your own ideas. Think of this as a kick start, so to speak.

Valentine Surprise

Idea 1:

Break from tradition a bit. Don’t go for roses, it’s not a flower all girls are into. There are tulips, carnations, lilies and other varieties to consider, so get those and deck up a space she considers personal. Put them in vases, of course, you don’t want to make a mess—you know how women are on that front. Yes, your authentic flowers will wither in a day or two, so don’t go all Shakespearean and find hidden meanings in that. This is one small way in which you can highlight Valentine’s for her.

Idea 2:

gift wrapsSmall gifts leave more of an impact than larger ones. Don’t go assuming the ‘small’ gift in question must be cheap, that won’t come off too well. You needn’t splurge nor do you need to don the garb of a miser. Just keep it at that ideal temperature, getting her something she saw and liked or was hoping to get for a very long time. What if she wanted a car? Well, you’re on your own, then.

Here’s a hint: Select tiny curios or trinkets and wrap them in small boxes you think look adorable. If the two of you are living together, place the gifts in different corners of your home. If you share separate residences, your car is one place to hide the present. Then there’s her handbag for you to consider. Even if she checks the bag later, you can be sure she’ll surely be floored.

Wrapping a present is key to making a good impression. Meaningful wraps with amazing ribbons can be a bit on the gooey-romancey side of things, but girls love ‘em, so don’t complain.

Idea 3:

Walk togetherGoing for a long walk can, at first, sound totally ridiculous. But you have no idea how well this cliché works to fan the flame of love. There’s something about the calm-exercise nature of a walk that gets the blood flowing at the right speed. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, then we have to sit down and talk about what Love is all about and, I promise you, I won’t be sitting for that discussion. Back to walking, holding hands and a simple conversation in progress is all you need to strengthen your relationship a little more. She will value this time for ages.


Idea 4:

deliver a giftPre-send her a gift. Even if you’re going to meet her on V-day, get some flowers delivered to her doorstep or a gift sent through a friend. Believe me, girls and women love this sorta thing (I know this thanks to the founder/co-author of Lifestylerr, Bhakti Sharma). If you are out for lunch or dinner, have the gift delivered through a waiter or by a kid at the mall—come prepared to pay them, they don’t do things for free like stories have you believe. This idea is surprisingly easy to carry out. All you need is a pinch of proactiveness from your side and you’re good.

Idea 5:

Cook for her2Cook for your girl. There’s nothing more romantic than that. And—I couldn’t help myself, I have to say this next part—please don’t cook if you know you’re terrible at it. This idea, sorry to say, is for the romantic dude not the one who unintentionally calls emergency services on his girl.

Now for the surprise: Don’t make a dish she loves. She can savor that anywhere, anytime. Do careful research and some Machiavellian manipulation to figure out her cuisine preferences and make her something she’s never eaten before. That’s the stuff memories are made of.

You could try this dessert recipe or try this one dish meal recipe.

Idea 6:

surpriseA Fantastic way to impress your girl will be to write something from your heart. It can be anything at all, from a well-worded poem or a page describing what she means to you. Yes, this can be a very gooey-romancey thing for most guys, but hey it’s your girl you’re trying to impress, so I guess you can manage to survive this round.

Paste a small pic of yourself or draw something on the card, if you’d like. Make sure the stationery is beautiful, add some colors and such and, well, make it memorable.

Idea 7:

The Surprise DanceThis last idea has to do with dancing, but in a setting that’s sure to surprise her. I divide it into three mini-sections for ease of reference.

If you’re girl is the shy type, don’t force her to try a step or two. She needs to feel special, so save that for another day apart from Valentine’s. Play her favorite music and treat her to something she always loved doing when those songs were playing in the background.

If your girl’s the party-freak, then go all out, play blaring music, don’t give a damn about the neighbors—you can always say you did it for love ;)—and dance away. She won’t forget it. Do spruce it up a bit, meaning let the majority of songs you play be tunes she adores and let a small bunch of them be music she hasn’t heard before but which you know she’ll like.

This last point can shock you, dude, so brace yourself. Invite the in-laws for dinner! If you hate them with a diabolical fury, all the more reason to call them over. Remember, they’re who your girl calls Mom and Dad, so it’ll be quite the shock for all parties concerned to see you making an effort—on Valentine’s Day, no less—to make her feel close to the three most important people in her life. If you’ve kids, include them too.

There you have it. Think simple and get started. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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