6 Ways to Tie a Scarf


Come winter it’s time to pull your woolens out of the closet. While jackets can keep your body nice and cozy, you’ll need something to keep your neck warm too especially when it’s unexpectedly cold out. Scarves are also an accessory capable of crafting a style statement. Why not don them this season to add glamor to your look? Here are some interesting ways to tie a scarf and look hot while keeping warm:

1. The Formal Tie:

Tie a scarf

2. The Partial Braid:

tie a scarf1

3. The Stylish Braid:

tie a scarf2

4. The Super Stylish Bow:

tie a scarf5

5. The Knotted Style:

Tie a scarf3

6. The Shrug Style

tie a scarf4

So tell us how you like these new styles. I can’t wait to try Style 3 and 4.

P.S. Due credit has been given to all the images

Image Credit: pleasantriesandpitbulls, trusper, scarves.net, crochetascarf


  1. I personally love no. 5 & 6. They’re really cute.

  2. Donnacha says:

    I like 3 too, the stylish braid. It has a balanced and artistic look to it. Of course it is uni-sex but to me comes across quiet masculine and commanding – kind of like a tie. It’s perfect! Thank you for introducing me to it, in the future I’ll be sure to present myself to the world with it :)

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