2013’s Top hairstyles for men–part 2


Are you wondering that Part 1 exhausted all the hairstyles ever available for men to try out. Well you were wrong. You will be spilt for choices after going through 10 more different hairstyles for men. Take a look:


1.    Mohawk: After checking out its ‘false’ cousin, this one is worth a shot. A favorite among the youth crowd, especially young musicians, Mohawks give off a sense of aggressive freedom and to streak it means to add to that meaning.

2.    Mullet: This do isn’t just quaint, it’s actually very old fashioned. If you don’t have the look, profession or lifestyle for this cut, don’t opt for it. If you do, you’re sure to receive plenty of compliments for pulling off such a rare style.

3.    Pageboy: This is yet another unisexual cut that’s inspired from the hairstyle pageboys had to have in medieval times as befits their position in court. Today, it’s quite the fashion statement, with its neat flows, simple comb-over’s and an overall rather sophisticated look.

4.    Perm: Another retro fave, this style can be tricky to maintain but adds flair, freedom and fun to the person displaying it. If not styled right you could come across as nerdy, so be sure to buff it up correctly, with some nice textures going in.

5.    Ponytail: Needless to say any guy with neck-length hair (or longer) can boast a ponytail. Aside from looking great when you’re off going seventy to ninety on your bike or adding a sense of danger and mystery to you, this unisexual cut is something men have made a personal statement.




6.    Shag: This do is inspired from the early sixties when a shaggy haircut meant freedom, peace, drugs, fun and bucket-load of sex appeal. The shaggy look can make you seem careless but in the masculine way, which is good.

7.    Shaved: Those of you who say a shaved head isn’t a cut, let it be known that a really close cut is what gets you a shaved head. To have your scalp open to the elements wont’ denote aging or baldness. Quite the contrary, a shaved head is oft-considered the most appealing cut on a guy, especially a middle-aged and older men.

8.    Short: There are lots of ways to understand this style. First of all, it enjoys its own niche in the hairstyle department, so don’t compare to the others in this list. A short haircut is certain to suit all occasions and men, being very easy to maintain on your person and that can be styled in myriad ways.

9.    Spiky: Having become a favorite in the past decade, spiky hair screams a fresh voice of rebellion in a conformist society. It’s sure to make you stand out and sometimes be avoided, but a spiky haircut is known to transcend those boundaries and give you a very attractive air.

10.    Straight: Sometimes needing you to have your locks straightened at the salon, this do is classy, formal, elegant and quite appealing to many people-types. It goes with most clothing ranges and can be styled or combed in various ways, adding to this do’s flexibility, panache and neatness.

Now that you’ve seen the variety out there, choose the style that suits you best. In fact, choose a few and try ‘em out each month or whenever you feel like it. Having fun with your hair isn’t a girl thing. It’s actually quite the pride statement for men. After all, there’s a reason why the Lion sits like a King.


Image Credit: beautythroughstrength, coolmenshair, aceoffades, i-hairstyle, bombod


  1. One for everyone. Even the Balds can go with the trend. Good One !

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