2013’s Top 13 Tech Blogs


Conveying the importance of a certain tech product or talking about technology in all its amazing glory can be very hard to do without sounding complicated. The temptation to spout all ranges of jargon and sound super-smart without actually communicating any sense to someone else can be hard to balance out.

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Achieving the opposite of that negative outlook is what the following blogs have done, bringing you the joys and thrills of that new piece of tech or helping you understand what you may already have. Keep in mind the number assigned to each of these blogs is just for clarity’s sake and nothing to do with how important one is in relation to another. That said, enjoy…


1. Ubergizmo: With a pleasant user-friendly site layout and a writing style that tells a story, so to speak, as it takes you through a product’s specs, this is a blog you’re sure to enjoy. It covers a diverse range of topics, including the ‘classics': mobile phones, computers and video devices. The reviews section serves as an eye-opener.

2. TechSpot: Yes, the name’s a cliché, but the content is anything but. The pictures on this site are extremely well taken and help you understand a concept as clearly as the writing, which is clever, well-organized and sometimes formal. With a plethora of links and resources right here, you’ll be sure to find most anything you need to know about tech stuff.

3. I Love Free Software: Addressing many a diverse tech topic, and showing you the ropes of how you can wield some of them in your daily life, this is one blog that has so much free info and, yeah, downloads too that they live up to their blog-name ten times over. With a writing style that’s fresh and friendly, it’ll be time well spent with this one.

4. Corona Labs: Don’t be misled by the technical sound of the name, this blog is actually very interesting. It has plenty of info on stuff you wouldn’t generally discuss about tech and even more where all your favorites are involved. The writing style used gives off a fun-loving vibe and many of your tough questions will probably find answers here.

5. Bit Rebels: You’ll be surprised how easily you’re made to understand some rather complicated topics, all thanks to the people behind this blog who use a nice superb writing style that instantly endears them to you. Aside from actual tech-talk, you’ll find some memorable pics and stuff closely related to tech.

6. Android Tapp: As you’re obviously imagining, this blog has all things Android working for it, using a wonderful reach-out-to-all writing style and plenty of download sources to save you the trouble of seeking out the same. In addition, you also have plenty of help topics, making for a nice read-time.

7. SysProbs: With people who can help get to the root of myriad tech issues facing you, and with a writing style that’s easy to get, even by dummy standards, this is one blog to check out and take time off to do so.

8. Negri Electronics: Yes, it’s a shopping blog where tech stuff is concerned, but it’s also a source for info you may need clarified. With an attractive layout, simple language style and smart links, this blog will help you learn and shop, both in one place.

9. Maxthon: The site-map may make you run around a bit, but other than that this blog’s witty writing style more than makes up for that. It may not be your favorite, but it has elements that make it memorable and topics that add to your tech know-how.

10. Distimo: A bit formal at times but amazing throughout, this blog shows you a world of tech opportunities to die for. There’s info, news and offers to learn about as well as some well-written content that’s certain to inspire.

11. Tech Patio: From the modern to the past, to all things in between and ideas on where we’re headed, this tech blog will keep you advised, entertained and coming back for more, with a writing style that reads like a charm and pic-support to help give you an image of what they’re talking about.

12. Xtended View: Superb layout, eye-opening writing style, and help on most tech topics, this blog will interest you to check out link after link they have on there. Covering a range of topics you’ll find your online searches made a lot easier.

13. TechClickr: With an impressive collection of smart topics and a writing style that feels like they’re talking directly to you, this is one of those rare blogs whose simplicity comes as a relief in the complex world of online tech blogs. You may not always find what you’re looking for here, but there are several topics that keep you on the blog and save you time where other questions you may have are concerned.


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