2013’s Top 13 Indian food Blogs


There has been some internal pressure on me—which I love—where writing an ‘Indian’ blog post is concerned. Wait up, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, welcome it openly and am not one of those people who uses subtlety to whine. In this blog dedicated solely to Indian food bloggers, I hope to redeem myself while offering you a look into some fine cuisine, made by Indians, for anyone who loves such amazing food and written to inspire. Again, note that number has nothing to do with significance, all blogs sharing equivalent passion for what the bloggers responsible for them do with food.

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1. Cooking And Me: Using a cross-boundary writing style that reaches out to anyone, Nagalakshmi has brought a whole new trend to Indian cooking, covering any and all cuisine-types and giving you a clear picture, quite literally too, on how to go about getting on the plate what you imaged before entering the kitchen. (I love the way her Tiramisu post is written, that being one of my favorite desserts of all time).

2. Eggless Cooking: I personally love non-veg, but I gotta hand it to Madhuram who, though residing in Philadelphia, has captured the essence of Indian cuisine as though he’s right here, exposed to our culture 24/7. His writing style is friendly and simple, and he brings you some nice advice, ideas, suggestions and recipes sure to make you drool as you cook something you like from his blog.

3. Rak’s Kitchen: Rajeswari Vijayanand or Rak as she likes to be called uses a very inspired approach to her blog. With a passionate style of writing, using many a personal experience, she takes you through diverse dishes where her method of cooking it may help you do the same.

4. Sailu’s Food: Range, taste, timing and genius. Sailaja brings all this and more to her blog, filled with some of the most mouth watering Indian dishes and a writing style that ensures you’ll imagine the cooking process of each dish as though it’s happening in slow motion with a poetic fall of one ingredient after the other into the pan.

5. Kiran Tarun: With experience in traveling, a cooking style nurtured by many factors including her stay in Malaysia, and with a passion to beat all others, Kiran is one woman to look out for where Indian food blogs are concerned. She writes in an open-for all literary manner which is rather endearing.

6. Aayi’s Recipes: With a name like ‘Aayi’ meaning ‘Mother’ in her native Konkani tongue, Shilpa says her culinary skills came from her Mom. Whatever the case, not only does her writing have a nice traditional flair her food is even better, looking like something served in high-end restaurants. You can bet it tastes great too.

7. E-Curry: Covering more than just that and heading into the world of sauces, salads, desserts, and all manner of main courses, Soma Rathore’s writing style, food pictures and ideas will leave you no choice but to fall in love with them. This is one of those Indian food recipe blogs you’re certain to bookmark.

8. Sharmi’s Passions: With beautiful meals, snacks, desserts and more, Sharmilee Jayaprakash has outdone herself apparently for such a well-laid out blog as this is hard to come by. Smart advice and experience-based suggestions are all on offer on this treat-worthy blog written with passion and intended to inspire.

9. Spicy Tasty: Three women had a hand in spicing up this blog. Shriya, Nithu and Arthi had created magic like the three sorceresses of lore with culinary perfections that are guaranteed to heat up your life. With varied dishes, differing spice levels and superb guidelines in getting it right, this blog’s writing style is to the point and focuses on the recipes a lot more than most.

10. What’s For Lunch, Honey?: Meeta ushers in a blog that’s as charming as she and written with plenty of passion for food. This Indian food blogger living in Germany shows you a world of culinary possibilities as diverse as her life-experiences. You’re certain to be overjoyed after spending only a few minutes on this blog.

11. Talimpu: Having a very user-friendly page to navigate can be a boon as food blogs go. Raji offers that and a wealth of cuisine to choose, create and enjoy. Covering a blend of all sorts of Indian food and giving you all the necessaries to make it, his blog sure is a treat for a food-lover’s soul.

12. Flavors of Mumbai: This city is known to be one of the best where such things are concerned and it doesn’t disappoint. With pictures that will renew your love for food along with ideas, recipes, inspiration and more, Maria writes with an inimitable style on foods to die for.

13. Passionate About Baking: I think I’m officially in love with this site, if for no other reason that because the blog focuses on desserts and all things baked. It took me a while to keep from salivating before I now go on to telling you what an artist Deeba Rajpal is. With pictures to thrill your heart, ideas to regale your senses and delish eatables to scream ‘Yummy’ for, this blog is one explosive sugar-bomb written in one of the most charming styles out there.


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  3. Good list of Indian food blogs. I especially liked the Spicy Tasty Indian food blog. Will try out new recipies from the others.

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