2013’s top 13 Hairstyles for Men–Part 1

 Gentlemen, Style Your Hair

The sheer variety out there in hairstyles is stunning. Of course, choosing the ones that suit your personal style, fashion sense, physique, face-shape and other factors is a whole different game. It’s why I collated this bunch of hairstyle varieties so you can get an idea of what to adopt, whether it be a whole new do or something new.



1.    Bowl: This one isn’t for everybody. However, straight hair snipped a little past the forehead can pull this do off. This circular bowl-shaped fringe is unisexual, meaning it suits both men as well as women. So, guys, if it suits you, don’t feel shy to get your hair cropped so.

2.    Buzz: Most dudes are familiar with this simple favorite. It’s an extremely short cut, almost down to the scalp, imparting a very military, active-guy look. It’s great for summer, goes with anything and has always been quite the fashionable do.

3.    Caesar: Grown to almost an inch or half an inch, you hair in this do will resemble a style once adopted by the Romans. With strands elegantly fringing the very top of your forehead, it requires very little effort to comb. In fact, your fingers alone can style this do up. It’s ideal for suits and other formal occasions where it gives you a casual air while exuding class and immense sex appeal.

4.    Comb-over: This is a very British cut and is also something both men with full hair or balding have liked using down the decades. You can easily picture it, it’s a 3/4th parting where one side of your hairline is combed to the side while a major quantity of your hair is combed over to the other side. This classic among hairstyles is something to check out indeed.

5.    Cornrows: This American favorite has you styling your locks into tight rows resembling a mix of African hair-braids and the design of farmland where corn is grown in rows, this latter being the inspiration behind the name of this sporty cut. Yes, it’s basically a cut because only a certain length of hair can be made into cornrows.

6.    Crew: This one is so much like the buzz cut, most people mistake them to be the same thing. This Navy inspired do is different from the Army adopted buzz, meaning you’ll see a slight but marked difference in shape with this cut. You’ll be surprised how the buzz suits some people while the crew suits others.

7.    Curly: This careless-artistic look can more often than not add a touch of sophistication if it’s on the right person. It’s one of those cuts that suits a wide variety of nationalities and skin tones, but can be a bit tough on the comb.



8.    Dreadlocks: This do isn’t an easy choice, seeing as how it suits the look of Aussies and South Africans more than most other folks. The matted texture on long hair this style comprises is surprisingly needy and isn’t something you can manage for long. But if it suits you, dreadlocks can be quite amazing.

9.    Emo: With an element of Fantasy and a sprinkle of Anime sprucing up this do, the emo cut is a European favorite, adding a rock star appeal while giving your hair something to play with where colors, styles, lengths and textures are concerned.

10.    Faux-hawk: ‘False’ or ‘faux’ is the name appended to this one. This shorter version of the Mohawk cut is a favorite among football fans since Beckham adopted it. The faux-hawk suits a wide range of attire, face shapes and skin tones, and is great for streaking.

11.    Flattop: Don’t be fooled by how this cut looks good on some men, it’s actually a retro look for which you may need old-fashioned facial features to pull off. Many an older man will find this cut quite complimenting and young or middle-aged men in the military will love it as well.

12.    Layered: With this cut you could end up looking like a celeb. With hair combed in regular intervals, one stretch atop the other, in subtle layers, and at slightly differing angles, you have a do that looks good whether you’re at the beach, riding a bike or in party formals.

13.    Long: You’ll be shocked how long hair takes a lot to maintain it and also how it needs to be cut in a certain way to exude appeal with all that length. Long hair can be styled in hundreds of different ways and opens you to a world of styling opportunities.

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