8 Web 2.0 Sites We Still Can’t Ignore


“Hi, are you on Twitter?” “Yeah I am, but I suppose you won’t be able to find me as there are many people who share the same name as I do. Take my e-mail ID and then search.” “Did you happen to celebrate your birthday at the mall? I saw your pictures on Facebook the […]

Dealing With That Thing Called Depression


You probably already know that Depression is one helluva good researcher. I mean, think about it. This is what Depression would encounter if it were human: Nasa, power-hungry politicians or some secret society will have hired it for its exceptional skills at getting to know somebody. Have you experienced how it knows so much about […]

Be Your Own Dietician


My first post for the New Year has to be associated with Weight Loss. Simply because it is my New Year Resolution to seriously lose the extra pounds I have gained in the last few months. Statutory Warning: No two dieticians will ever agree on a single dietician. Yes, that is correct. I have read […]

Greetings for the Year


First of all, Happy New Year to all my friends, fellow bloggers and readers! Hope you had a great New Year eve and have a rocking year ahead. Finally I am back. A long holiday and lots of traveling left me with no time for blogging. I tried hard to find some time and post […]