Turning 30 at Lavasa


Let me first clarify, I am yet to turn 30. So the post is not about me. My husband turned 30 this year and I wanted to make his birthday special. I had a perfect plan A which didn’t work but then I love giving surprises and can never run out of ideas for it. […]

My Kundalika Water Rafting Experience


I am a slightly confused personality when it comes to travelling and visiting new places. I give myself a hell lot of options and then keep wondering which one is better. I think I will write another post on my preferences when I want to go on a holiday. This one is of my recent […]

Get the Perfect Cuts – Six pack abs workout


Want an impressive body that you can flaunt around? I am sure you want to because it is all about the famous and desiring six pack abs. Every man loves it and so does every woman. I am sure you agree with me. So get going and follow the steps that you should implement to […]