The Wildest Spa Treatments Ever!


We all love Spa treatments, don’t we? The soothing and calming massage with the aroma oils tickles the senses and you it feels like heaven. Now some spa treatments can be torturous too. Yes, I have experienced a treatment where the masseur resembled a sumo wrestler and what happened after that was dreadful. Anyways, while […]

Procrastination will no more be the Thief of time


As a child, I remember writing essays on the topic Procrastination several times. Not that I remember what I wrote then but maybe I hardly understood the real meaning of procrastination. As a kid, I never left things for later. Even while I was in Kindergarten, I would first come home, finish my homework and […]

Home Remedies that Help You Get Rid of Fleas


Getting rid of fleas is a Herculean task for anyone and everyone. Are you one of those who keeps searching for answers to how do I get rid of fleas desperately on the internet? Have you tried hitting every other flea that you come across but still find a few the very next day? Well, […]

My Favorite Coconut Macaroons – the Eggless version


After a long time, I picked up my favorite ingredient for desserts- Condensed Milk. Also, as mentioned earlier, I dislike using eggs in my baked treats. So this recipe was a sure shot in my list. To top it all, it is so simple to make (prep time 5 minutes!) that you can make even […]

How to Fix Broken Relationships


A broken relationship need not always mean a broken marriage or a long term relation that did not work. It can also mean problems in a short term relation which was going steady. There are many times when couples feel that things are not as nice and rosy as they were during the initial days […]

Getting Started with Blogging: Why You Should Blog


Blogs – a term that you hear so often these days. Many people know what it is, some pretend to know while some think that just because they have read a blog, they know what it is. First of all, blog is an abbreviation for web log. It is a very simple term and has […]

Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes Without Eggs


Once in a while I have this craving for pancakes. This morning was one such day and so breakfast today was Pancakes with banana and Honey. I somehow prefer the eggless versions of most recipes as I do not enjoy the after taste and smell eggs leave in most recipes. I also wanted to come […]

Check out the Latest Trends in Hair Styling


One day I met a lady rushing out of the salon after a haircut. I could not stop myself from asking her, why the hurry. To this she promptly replied, “I need to quickly show my new hair style to my friends and family before it goes out of fashion.” That’s fashion in a nutshell, […]