10 Things All Websites Must Have

Must havesCreating a website might be one of the most important things to carry forward your business. But how to have a website that makes-the-deal and does not break it? Here are some things that every website absolutely must have:

  1. Clean, Simple Design: A clear and visually appealing design is the first thing a website must have. The background and colors must not be too dramatic and there should be a good balance of images and text.
  2. Meaningful and Unique Content: The content should be relevant and easy to understand. It should be to the point and not dramatic. Most importantly, it should be written keeping in mind the target readership and should be regularly updated.
  3. Good User Interface: The website should be made keeping in mind that all kinds of people including internet novices will be reading it. Thus, it should be simple and fast.
  4. Clear and Easy Navigation: The navigation across the website should be easy through easy-to-spot links, especially at the footer. A sitemap may also help users to decide how to go about the website and reach sections they want to read first.
  5. Contact Information: Relevant and adequate contact information must be provided. A website without any phone number or email address to establish contact with the company is as good as a dead company. Adding a street address also shows that the company actually exists. Integration with social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn is also a great way to keep in touch with the readers.
  6. An ‘About’ Page: A page giving background information or the bio of the person behind the company or website is an additional advantage. Having such a page caters to general curiosity among people to know more about the company, also helping to establish a more personal connection between the users and the owners of the site. An FAQ section would help gather more information.
  7. Search feature: A mini-search engine integrated with Google or any other search engine is a great option for bigger websites. It enables the users to quickly navigate the site through keywords.
  8. Cross Browser Compatibility: The website must be accessible through a wide variety of browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer. It should also be compatible with various operating systems like that of a PC, a Mac or even a mobile phone.
  9. Good Domain Name: The website should be easily reachable through a variety of search engines and the name of the website should be easy to remember by users, not to mention, interesting.
  10. RSS feed: Any website these days is incomplete without a provision for sending regular feeds and updates to users through either an RSS feed or FeedBurner applications. A more traditional way is to allow for newsletter subscriptions or email updates.

Image Credit: Free Digital Photos

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