10 Amazing Bookshelf Ideas For Your Home


Reading—a relatively new skill in human history—has been well received the world over, exploding into an awesome fireworks show of dazzling proportions. Books add meaning, sophistication, mystery, respect and allure just seeing them on the shelf of someone’s home, whether or not that someone reads ‘em at all. Using that ‘look’ and making it work to best effect is indeed an art. Check out some ways you can put up bookshelves in your home and make them look like décor ideas worth imitating.

color fervor

Color Fervor: To spruce up a nice monochrome book shelf with colors in the form of book bindings/spines goes a long way to make your space truly worth living in. Getting books that fulfill such color criteria can be a bit hard but there’s no way you can deny the amazing sense of vibrancy and life your efforts will exude into the room lucky enough to have a bookshelf like this.

stain glass

Stain-Glass Class: When you go for this particular brand of art, you won’t be sorry you did. Light has always looked good on books, and not just in the metaphorical sense where books bring ‘light’ into our lives. When you play with blues, reds, yellows and oranges, and play with them stain-glass style, you make a whole new light fall on your bookshelf that will start to feel rather inviting, elegant and classy.

shabby chic

Shabby Chic: You’ve probably done this design yourself but just haven’t known you were doing so. Basically, you place a bunch of books on the shelf vertically, as you would when you hold them up while reading. Other book-bunches go horizontal, like when you place them flat on a table while doing other work. Arranging these on shelves in a creative-chaos pattern creates a shabby chic look, sure to appear lived-in and cozy.

clutter flutter

Clutter Flutter: This is by far the easiest way to decorate your bookshelf because you randomly place any sort of book—no matter their size, color, dimensions, whatever—side by side, perhaps even one atop the other, and see as you create a nice artistic spread of diversity, color (both bright and somber) and an casual impression worth leaving.

ceiling feeling

Ceiling Feeling: Imagine one long simple well-nailed plank of wood about ten feet from the floor. Over that go a line of books, preferably of the same size, few differences in between, and you have a nice décor touch going for you.

single stander

Single Stander: Sometimes taking up a stand that’s meant for accessories and such and giving it the new duty of book shelf can work magic. Not only can this stand go anywhere in your home (portability is good, right?) it makes for a nice charming addition to your living space.


Jolly Trolley: This fun idea is inspired from the ‘portability’ that came just above. Get a nice wicker-design trolley you can roll around the space and fill it with books, but in such a way that it’s easy to pick ‘em out of the stack. What you have is a nice quaint touch of book-magic at your beck and call, one which you can roll anywhere around the room and use to make quite the entrance when book club is in session.

hanging bookshelf

Hangin’ Dazzlin’: Using sturdy metal cables you’ll need a professional to install, let them dangle from the ceiling all the way down to eye level where they hold a nice modern shelf-design, of sorts. Put some books on there and you have a catchy sight, layered with sophistication and beckoning a book to be picked up.

ladder shelf

Ladder Grabber: You’ll certainly feel inclined to either stop and stare or grab a book off this décor idea that has a ladder playing the role of bookshelf. Replace the rungs with something flatter and sturdier for the books to take up residence and you’re all set.

bedside bookshelf

Under-Stair, Bed-Beside: These are clubbed together in one topic because they both fit one criteria, namely tight space-usage. You need to keep the shelves compact in both these cases or the overall image comes across as cluttered. Small (about three or so feet max.) shelves with a nice embrace for your books will do great and they’ll look awesome under the stairs or beside your bed.


Image Credit: freshome, the find, sonyaheaneyblog, easyliving.


  1. Superb pictures and interesting ways to arrange your books .
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  2. This is a good collection of ideas. I liked the single stander and jolly trolly.

  3. Aparna Shukla says:

    Lovely implementable ideas, will be shifting base soon, going to use one of these ideas shortly :-)

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